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American Expat Confuses Aussies With Strange Snag Eating Method

We Aussies take our sausage sizzle culture seriously, and this American woman felt the full wrath of Australian TikTokers as they were outraged by how she ate her Bunnings snag.

Sophia, from LA. who now lives in Sydney, posts to TikTok using the handle @sophiainsydney. Followers had asked her to head to Bunnings to give our infamous Bunnings snag a try. 

'Alright, you guys have been telling me to get a sausage sizzle for the past few years,' she said.

However, her audience soon roasted when they saw she had opted to sandwich the snag between TWO SLICES OF BREAD. Sacrilege

'Who set up this poor tourist to look so silly? One piece of bread folded and triangle!' one person responded.  

'I'm telling my therapist about what you just did,' said another. 

A third added: 'The D I S R E S P E C T. Instant deportation, no remorse,' said one.  

'This feels so illegal to watch, back to the USA for you. Your visa is cancelled,' wrote one woman. 

However, even more alarmingly, Sophia revealed she was actually presented the snag this way at the Bunnings store in Gladesville.

'Guys, this is how they gave it to me in Gladesville. It would have better proportions by far if it was one piece of bread!' she said. 

So, the plot thickens. We need an answer Gladesville Bunnings.