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Almost Half Of American Families Have Banned Monopoly Due To Arguments

A recent survey found one in five people have banned a board game due to poor behaviour of participants, and unsurprisingly, Monopoly takes out the title of most banned.

Christmas, birthdays, dinner parties... there’s one game that has ruined them all, Hasbro’s Monopoly. It was found to have been banned by 44 percent of people surveyed. That’s right, 44 percent of people have stuffed it in the cupboard forever, cannot pass go, cannot collect 200 dollars.

The only thing it can collect it dust.

It’s sad to think they will never again have the thrill of seeing a little hat go round a board, trying to dodge rent and imprisonment.

Lethal weapons.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll for Z-Man Games, who asked 2,000 people about their board game habits. It revealed that UNO and Sorry! were the next two most banned. Unfortunately, there’s no data on Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Common poor behaviour included arguments, quitters and accusations of cheating. Rarer was physical fights, which 11 percent of responders said they’d witnessed. Not sure which category a table flip falls into, but if you haven’t witnessed one, you haven’t really played Monopoly.

Twenty percent of people surveyed said their game night is 'often or always' disrupted by competitive or unfriendly behaviour. Twenty two percent have had to ban a particular game, another 22 percent have had to ban a specific player and 13 percent were brave enough to admit they're the problem 'most' or 'every' time.

To explain the poor behaviour, Justin Kemppainen, director of brand management at Z-Man Games, said 'Competition brings out the best in some people but the worst in others'. He suggests playing team games where you have to work together, instead of individually.

Sage advice, as we all know, groups of people never fight each other.