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All-Boys Private School In Adelaide Supports Transgender Student To Complete Her Studies

Prince Alfred College in Adelaide supports student who has transitioned, by allowing her to remain at the school.

Prince Alfred College in Adelaide, an elite all-boys private school established in 1869, will allow Alice, a transgender student who has transitioned, to continue her studies.

Headmaster Bradley Fenner advised parents of the news on Tuesday, following a school assembly where Alice spoke about her situation to the 150 students in her grade.

"I thought it was very powerful when she spoke to her peers — to the other year 12 students — on Tuesday," Mr Fenner said. "She made the point that 'this is who I am' and 'this is who I have always been', so it's not a transition as it might appear to be but very much a statement of who she is."

"Overall, we've been really pleased with the response; the boys have been very respectful and supportive," he said. "She's had some great messages from amongst the student body and staff and the wider community as well."

"We have a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, and those things cannot just be words on the page," he said.

Cover Photo: Prince Alfred College Adelaide