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‘Alexa? Creep me out.’

Great News: Alexa Can Mimic Dead People/Anyone And Get Them To Tell You A Story

In tech news, well-known good-guys, Amazon have found a new thing that absolutely won’t be abused: Alexa only needs one minute of audio to replicate a voice.


In a move that 100% won’t end badly, Amazon was using all the marketing speak they could to gently debut Alexa's deep-faking voices.

“Alexa,” a child actor in a video played at a conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday said, “can Grandma finish reading me the Wizard of Oz?”

And guess what, that fake grandmother to that fake grandchild did. Oh, and they also insinuated that the grandmother was dead. That’s why she was unavailable to do the reading work.

Amazon Senior Vice President and Head Scientist for Alexa, Rhit Prasad said that the aim was to “make the memories last” after “so many of us have lost someone we love.”

Yeah. Totally. Wait what?

Maybe we should talk to some grief experts about this? Is this comforting or transforming and reducing your memory of someone who was once alive, vibrant, and had their own thoughts into someone who follows commands. YEESH.

Even better, you can use it on someone alive. All you need is one minute of their speech. Which is fantastic because all I’ve ever wanted is for Piers Morgan to read stories to my children while I’m busy using his voice to scam people out of money. Thanks, Alexa!

The announcement was made at Amazon’s re: MARS conference which is being used to show their stretch into machine learning, automation, robots, and space. More announcements are expected to come.

Either way, the cool thing is we don’t have any established ethical guides or laws for any of this stuff yet, so we’re all gonna be guinea pigs for at least a generation.

I optimistically think I’ll make it through whatever this causes, but if I don’t, have Alexa get my voice to describe to you my grisly death.