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Alarm Bells Rang After A Tote Bag Was Mistaken For A Stray Lion

Armed wildlife officers were on high alert in Kenya after reports of a stray lion in the area, however, the lion was actually… a plastic bag.

In Kinyana village, Kenya, a farmhand sounded an alarm after spotting a lion outside of his employer's home. 

Local chief, Cyrus Mbijiwe, told the BBC that although there had been no recent reports of stray lions in the area, residents had complained that some of their livestock had gone missing.

As such, there was more reason to suspect there could have been some truth to the report of a stray lion in the area.

However, fortunately (although perhaps embarrassingly for the farmhand who reported the incident), the sightings were just a tote bag that had an image of a lion on it. 

The bag had actually been placed in a hedge by the homeowner themself, who had put some avocado tree seedlings in it and wanted to stop them from drying out.

Despite being a false alarm, the Kenya Wildlife Service said it lauded "the public for raising the alarm in order to mitigate a possible conflict".