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Al Pacino Appears To Have A Shrek Phone Case And He’s The New King Of Far Far Away

Amid all of the Election campaigning news, we bring you a very important investigation. Does Al Pacino in fact, have a Shrek phone case?

Movie lovers and critics can indeed agree that Shrek is the world’s greatest movie (there’s no need for us to reference it as it is just a well documented fact), So don’t question it. 

It appears that Al Pacino also agrees, and his love for Shrek extends to decorating his iPhone 13 in a Shrek phone case. Truly a fashion icon. 

So how did this news come to light? Jason Momoa innocently captured a tablescape of empty plates after a dinner held for Julian Shnabel. On the table lay one singular iPhone 13, with wired headphones, in front of Pacino. 

Taking to Twitter to discuss what she had seen, Marie Bardi, a producer and actress, asked users to determine if the phone was Al Pacino’s. 

Here is the image and Tweet in question:


Vulture decided to dig deeper, finding that a sliver of Shrek could be seen in a photo of Pacino talking to Rita Ora and Taika Waititi at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. 

The wired headphones were indeed plugged into the phone. Therefore, it can be confirmed, Al Pacino has a Shrek phone case.