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AirBnb Guests Allegedly Steal Cat & Are Now Refusing To Return It

A family vacationing in California has allegedly stolen a cat that resided at the rental home and is refusing to return it amid claims the cat’s owner neglected it.

James Wakefield, 70, who holidayed at the home, wrote a letter to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office stating why they would not return the cat. 

In the letter, he alleged that the cat was a “mistreated stray named Nubbins” and “was not owned by anyone”, therefore making it “fair” for them to take the cat home to care for. 

Wakefield further alleged that the cat was cold, unfed, and thirsty upon arriving at the holiday home. 

Responding to Wakefield’s letter, Sonoma County Sheriff, Mark Essick, told Mr Wakefield that the cat had to be returned to Troy Farrell, its legal owner – who lived in the neighbourhood of the Airbnb.

However, Wakefield said the family was “never going to let that cat get put back in the living condition she was in without a fight”.

Weighing in on the situation, Nubbins legal owner, Mr Farrell, shared pictures and videos of times where he’s cared for the cat in his home over the four years she’s lived in the neighbourhood, despite his claim that Nubbins enjoys being an outdoor cat.

Nubbins is currently with the Wakefields in Irvine, California.

It is unclear if either party will take legal action regarding the “catnapping”.