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AI Tech Means We'll Soon Be Able To Live Forever (Sort Of)

Coming to terms with mortality and the finality of death is an integral part of being alive in this cold and unfeeling universe.

When a loved one dies, it’s just the way of things that we will never see them again. It’s the human condition.

But a new startup has taken this existential angst, screwed it up like last night’s fish and chip wrapping, and chucked it in the bin. (And not even the recycling!)

Somnium Space has created a new metaverse, similar to the ex-Facebook “Meta” version, where you can upload your voice, mannerisms and conversations and create a convincing AI avatar of yourself.

Even more realistic than this!!

What this means is that, when you die, the avatar will live on – and loved ones can still have a realistic conversation with you in a fully rendered virtual reality environment.

Advances in data collection and storage mean that the avatar will look, sound and move exactly like you – but it won’t be you. (Which sounds pretty realistic considering that I’m not really there for most of the conversations I’m part of now)

At the moment, engaging the “Live Forever Mode” will cost you $50 a year –which could end up being a huge payout over eternity.

It takes me hours to decide what to wear to dinner – don’t make me pick an outfit for eternity!!!

But it’s not just the cost that raises questions. Firstly, creating the most realistic avatar requires uploading masses of personal data.

And that data is – you know – personal, so you need to consider how that data is used while you’re still kicking around in the real world.

And, secondly … isn’t this, like, really super duper CREEPY??? Don’t get me wrong, living forever sounds pretty sweet and all, but is this necessarily a good thing?

Is this some horrifying dystopian nightmare? Will it help or hurt the people we’ve left behind? Does this mean I’ll still be saying dumb, regretful stuff even after I’m dead?

And what if they create a free version where my avatar drops in little ads for fried chicken or life insurance during our conversation?

I guess these are questions we must now face as we wrestle with our own mortality. It’s the new human condition.