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Adelaide Named Third Most Honest City In The World

An international study has revealed that Adelaide is the world’s third most honest city. So it’s no longer famous just for its amazing food and giant balls.

So shiny, so honest. (Sviatlana Zhukava - Getty Images)

Number one in the world is Zurich and number two, Tokyo which makes Adelaide the most honest city in Australia. In June it was also ranked third most liveable city in the world. When the rest of Australia says they’re happy for Adelaide, they’re definitely not being honest.

The study was conducted by German data analytics group, Twinner, which released the following ranked list of most honest cities:

1. Zurich

2. Tokyo

3. Adelaide

4. Phoenix

5. Hamburg

6. Amsterdam

7. Munich

8. Copenhagen

9. Edinburgh

10. Brisbane

Three pelicans Torrens river Adelaide South Australia, not quite as honest as pelicans in Zurich. (kimeveruss, Getty Images)

They compiled data on the reputation of car dealerships, government transparency, theft and even dropped wallet tests in the city itself to determine honesty. The next time you see a dropped wallet on the floor, it’s probably part of data collection, so do the right thing for your city.

Describing how they analysed the data, the group said “societal transparency was measured by the extent to which the rule of law, voice and accountability and the freedom of the press was present… Next, the focus was narrowed back onto a city-level, by looking at the perception of theft by its citizens, which helps to illustrate how people rate their neighbours‘ honesty levels”.

So, turns out the South Australian capital is the world's third most honest and third most liveable city, truly solidifying it as Radelaide. Now, if only the Twinner group did a study on world’s best burnouts, Adelaide may finally get top spot.