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A Western Australian Town Hits A Record Temperature Of 50.7c

Australia matches its hottest day on records, with a temperature of 50.7c not seen since 1960.

Prior to Thursday, Australia’s hottest day on record was January 2nd, 1960, recording 50.7c. That was 62-years ago. Yesterday at Western Australia’s Onslow airport, they reliably recorded the same temperature, making it an equal first for the hottest day on record.

The following hottest, 50.3c, according to Bureau of Meteorology data going back nationally to 1910. On Thursday, Onslow was joined by at least two other Western Australia locations each reaching 50c plus mark, with Roebourne airport and Mardie hitting 50.5c.

The heat wave in Roebourne and Karratha is expected to ease today, but another 40c day is forecast down the coast in Onslow.

2021 was the world’s fifth-hottest year on record, according to preliminary readings, and was likely the hottest recorded year with a La Niña event in the Pacific. La Niña years are characterised by the tropical Pacific Ocean absorbing more heat than in a neutral year.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of meteorology has issues a severe weather warning for the Kimberley district, with heavy rain and flash flooded expected.