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A U.S. Man Gets Former President Donald Trump Shaved Into The Side Of His Head

It’s unclear as to if the man asked for a Donald Trump haircut, or a haircut of Donald Trump.

A U.S man has taken his love for former President Donald Trump to the next level by having his image shaved into the side of his head.

In the tweet, which is going viral, the man has gone a classic short back and sides everywhere but left room for the portrait.

The haircut is quite a work of art. The hairdresser appears to have left a tuff of hair, which has been dyed blonde to represent Trump's hair.

It's unclear how much of the man's hair has been used to create the portrait of Trump, as the iconic white shirt and red tie appear to be drawn on.

There are mixed reactions to the cut, with one Twitter used describing it as the 'Definition of insanity.'. And another saying, 'Looks like a police artist sketch. Very appropriate.'