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A TikToker Discovers A Button That Exists In All Cars, Claims Will Help You Save $$$ On Fuel

Please note: This button is not for when you crash to undo the damage.

With so many buttons inside cars these days, who has the time to learn what they all do? Lucky for us, there is TikTok, and TikTok will educate us on what all these mysterious buttons do. Plus, bonus points if they save you some $!  

TikToker @megansbubble, who is a dog Mum, shares things you should know before you are 30, including what buttons in your car do.  

Now, you know that button with a picture of a car and an undo arrow? Well, it turns out that undo arrow actually means recirculate. And the car still means car.  

In Megan’s video which has almost four million views, she talks us through how the 'air recirculation button' works.  

Megan said: "Essentially what it's going to do for you, it means that you are recirculating the air inside the car. 

"So if it's extraordinarily hot inside of your car when you first get in you want to turn this off so that you suck in the outside air. 

"If you're sitting in front of other cars where you'll be getting all the exhaust fumes sucked into your car, you use this button so that the air inside your car recirculates and you don't suck in all that bad air."