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Statement From The NDIA

There is no directive to reduce funding to NDIS participant plans.

The most recent NDIA monthly summary shows that when comparing the same group of participants between this year and last year, payments per participant have increased by 11%, from $51,900 to $57,800.

It is wrong to say the NDIA uses standardised figures to determine a participant’s level of funding. Access to the NDIS is based on a person's functional impairment, not on their condition or diagnosis. A participant's NDIS plan funding is based on the functional impact of their disability, and the reasonable and necessary disability supports they need to live an ordinary life and to assist them to pursue their goals, including their home and living goals.

The NDIS was never designed to have fixed levels of support. Plans can vary from one year to the next, based on specialist advice, and depending on the disability related needs of each individual participant. This is exactly what the NDIS legislation which the Parliament passed in 2012 provides for.