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A Statement From A Spokesperson For Minister Angus Taylor On Australia's Fuel Reserve

A statement from a spokesperson for Minister Angus Taylor.

''The Australia Institute is nothing but a front for the Greens and the left of the Labor Party. It has no credibility and this latest report wilfully misunderstands the Government’s policies and misrepresents Australia’s current fuel security situation.

Alarmist reports like this are irresponsible and risk Australia’s fuel security, as they could lead to dangerous panic buying when there are in fact no supply issues.

The Australia Institute would prefer to see Australians forced out of the cars they want to drive, rather than promote choice, through measures such as rash import reductions of critical oil products, sales bans on traditional cars, or reckless emissions reduction targets.

The Morrison Government has taken strong action to lock-in our refineries, increase our onshore diesel stockholdings by 40 per cent through a $260 million co-investment to build more storage and the landmark new Fuel Security Act 2021. To complement this and support consumer choice, the Government has also committed $2.1 billion to support uptake of future fuel technologies.

Australia became non-complaint with the IEA 90-day obligation on an ongoing basis back in 2012 under a then Labor Government which did nothing about it. Only a Coalition Government has taken the decisive action to lock in our long term fuel security.

Labor has no policy of its own to lock-in Australia’s refineries, no policy to increase our onshore stockholdings and no policy to become complaint with the IEA 90-day obligation. Labor has simply been riding on the coattails of the Morrison Government’s successful fuel security package.''