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A Post Office In Antarctica Is Looking For A Post Office Master (And Penguin Monitor)

In what feels like a very specific and unique skillset, Antarctic Heritage Trust has some job openings you might like.

A job vacancy for a Post Office manager and Penguin Monitor has opened up, advertised by the Antarctic Heritage Trust, located obviously in Antarctica.   

The Port Lockroy base, located on Goudier Island in the Palmer Archipelago, is west of the Antarctic Peninsula and has several other available positions open, so if your bestie is also up for an adventure, you could get an interview as a team.   

The other roles available are a base leader, shop manager and general assistant, who will work at the gift shop and post office from November 2022 till March 2023.   

Now, we know what you’re thinking. ‘What’s the catch?’.   

A post office in Antarctica is still a bit busy, with around 80,000 pieces of mail received each season.  

Oh, and the penguin monitoring, that’s just for a British Antarctic Survey. You’ll need to submit a report after the service is completed.  

There is limited power and no running water or internet access, but you have terrific views daily. Be quick! Applications are only open until 25th April.