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A New Gym Opens Exclusively For People Before 1970

In a bid to create a 'safe space' for boomers, a new gym is opening in Sydney, Gen Z and Millenials are not welcome.

Chris Hemsworth's exercise physiologist, Jonathan Freeman, has launched a new gym space that bans Millennials and Gen Z from attending.

He is aiming to create, a "safe space for boomers".

He hopes the gym will create an environment that is less intimidating and caters to an older generation.

"Mainstream gyms are certainly not designed to support this age group, nor are they overly welcoming, which often impacts their motivation and ability to exercise comfortably and regularly," Freeman told news.com.au 

He states that he set out to create a welcoming, fun, and supportive space.

Stating that many older Australians can feel intimidated by a gym environment, particularly if active, younger Aussies populate the gym.