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A Double Bay Restaurant Bans Patrons With Visible Tattoos

A Sydney eastern suburbs restaurant has sparked mixed reactions after revealing new patron rules refusing entry to those with ‘visible tattoos’, ‘designer labelled apparel’ and even ‘heavy jewellery’.

The restaurant, Bedouin, states the rules are an attempt to discourage customers with “intimidating appearances.’’ 

The venue was opened three years ago by Okeroa and business partners Eric Jury and Julian Tobias. 

Bedouin is a popular bar and nightclub serving Middle Eastern food. It has become known to host many celebrities, including tennis player Nick Kyrgios, singer and The Voice coach Rita Ora, filmmaker Taika Waititi and actor Scott Eastwood.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Bedouin co-licensee Poata Okeroa stated “We value our customers and community stakeholders, and have always implemented house rules that includes a dress policy that discourages intimidating appearances,” 

Woollahra councillor, Mary-Lou Jarvis, says it is up to individual businesses to set their own rules.

“Whatever makes people happy, they can choose how they operate it, so why get our knickers in a knot.”

Some passers-bys interviewed by The Daily Telegraph offered mixed opinions. One woman stated that “perhaps they’re trying to clean the place up, make people feel safer.''

Others admitted they initially thought it was a “joke” or “April Fools”.