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A Chicken Went To The Pentagon

The Chicken Has Been AppreHENded

Here are some places you would expect to find a chicken: at a farm, in a backyard, on a plate. Here is a place where you would not expect to find a chicken: the Pentagon. But that is exactly where they found a chicken wandering around this week.

The chicken was caught near one of the Department of Defence headquarters’ security checkpoints. The chicken has been taken into custody by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia. No word on whether the chicken will be held for questioning.

The Welfare League took to their social media to report “Apparently, the answer to ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ is to get to the Pentagon.” It’s probably good chickens cannot talk because I’m sure they’d all bring up how absolutely sick of that joke they are.

A Welfare League spokesperson did not let on as to where exactly the hen had been found. “We are not allowed to disclose the exact location where she was found,” the spokesperson Chelsea Jones said. “We can only say it was at a security checkpoint.” It’s bad enough that the US are having to deal with Russia at the moment, now there’s chicken espionage going on.

The chicken in question is a Rhode Island red, which sounds like the worst brand of wine but a perfectly fine chicken. They have named the chicken Henny Penny. Nobody knows how the chicken got to the Pentagon in the first place and the Welfare League can hold Henny for as long as they want, that chicken isn’t going to talk.