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2,300 House Plants Are Serenaded With Opera Concert

An Opera House in Barcelona held a special concert just for plants, which was live-streamed globally.

The Liceu Opera house in Barcelona hasn’t be able to hold a concert in months due to the pandemic. But today they fired up their cellos and violins for a once in a lifetime concert. Except instead of a human audience, they performed for almost 2,300 house plants.

Some plants already sound like the right amount of posh to fit in at an Opera concert, such as Clementine, Hyacinth, and Forsythia. You can totally tell they’re such Opera snobs.

Executive producer of the event, Eugenio Ampudio, said it was to show how nature has “advanced to occupy the spaces we snatched from it” amidst the global lockdown.

While the concert was performed only to house plants, it was also live-streamed around the world. That’s right, so other house plants who missed out on tickets could enjoy it too.

The concert titled, “Concert for the Biocene” had all the usual trimmings of a fancy opera performance, such as announcements over the speaker system that the performance was about to resume. The performers even bowed to the plants at the conclusion of their six-minute set.

If you'd like to watch the concert in full, just click the link here.

There have been several studies that have found that playing to a plant helps them to grow. So there’s no doubt these plants are going to absolutely flourish. Almost as much as the plants that sat in the splash zone for Singing in The Rain.

The plants were clearly having the time of their lives. And yes, you bet the Fig Tree was a huge fan of Figaro. The only plant that had a bad time was the one who was forced to sit behind the massive palm tree. Oh, and also the one that found out the instruments were made out of them.

And you may be wondering what will happen to these plants now that the concert has finished? Well, they’re being generously donated to health care workers. That’s right, because apparently health care workers need another thing to care for.