Why The Wrong Girl Is So Very Right

Based on the bestselling novel by Zoë Foster Blake, The Wrong Girl stars Jessica Marais as Lily, a breakfast TV producer grappling with the chaos of modern life, tripping on the obstacles before her, and doing her best to land as graciously as she can. Funny, poignant and whip-smart, here’s why this fresh Aussie drama is set to become the new love of your TV life.

The Wrong Girl, 2016, Channel Ten

Meet your new favourite friends

From the thirtysomethings stretching for the next rung on the career ladder, to the adults constantly re-adapting to a changing world, The Wrong Girl features an irresistible array of characters you’ll embrace like your own family.

There’s Lily, sweet, a bit daggy, smart and career driven. She’s good at her job, but hopes producing a cooking segment on brekkie TV is just the beginning.

Simone, her dry and witty housemate, who calls it like she sees it – or in openly appreciating her own armpit odour, smells it.

Pete, Lily’s bestie, a music journalist who’s about to move out of the ‘friend zone’ into far more complicated status territory.

And Jack, the chef on Lily’s cooking segment, whose charm and preternatural good looks can’t help but catch her eye, even if she desperately doesn’t want them to wander.

Throw their parents into the mix, dealing with their own separations, midlife crisis and aging, and there’s someone everyone can relate to.

The Wrong Girl, 2016, Channel Ten

The book was begging to be adapted

Zoë Foster Blake’s book of the same name was a roaring success, and ripe for the small-screen treatment.

Fans shouldn’t be alarmed that the adaptation expands upon and fleshes out the story – Foster Blake herself is at the helm as producer, and hasn’t been shy to endorse the end result…

The Wrong Girl, 2016, Channel Ten

All those familiar faces <3

It’s a stellar cast with Jessica Marais (Packed to the Rafters, Love Child) as Lily, Hayley Magnus (The Dressmaker, Childhood’s End) as Simone, Ian Meadows (8MMM, The Moodys) as Pete, and Rob Collins (Cleverman) as Jack.

Steve Vizard, Hamish Blake, Kerry Armstrong, Craig McLachlan and Madeleine West round out The Wrong Girl’s veritable who’s who of home-grown talent.

The Wrong Girl, 2016, Channel Ten

Oh, and the lolz!

For every moment that hits you right in the feels, there’s something that’ll mercilessly tickle your funny bone.

Lily’s housemate Simone’s deadpan demeanour is a comic delight. Disenchanted news producer, Dale, hilarious in his scathing indictment of the media industry.

And arguably the biggest laughs come courtesy of Craig McLachlan and Madeleine West’s Eric and Erica – hosts of morning show The Breakfast Bar – whose on and off-camera relationship is pure farcical gold.

The Wrong Girl, 2016, Channel Ten


It involves a love triangle with some very appealing suitors. Who doesn’t love a good love triangle – particularly when it looks this good?

The Wrong Girl, 2016, Channel Ten


At its heart, this is a show about the big beautiful mess that is life – at times humiliating and hurtful, but softened by moments of tenderness, even the smallest of which can be profound.

So if you’ve ever worked, loved, lost, or just wondered why everyone seems to have it all figured out but you, expect The Wrong Girl to push all the right buttons.

The Wrong Girl premieres 8.30 Wednesday on TEN