Everybody Loves Lily

Pete, Jack, we get it, you’re not alone. The Wrong Girl’s Lily Woodward has been winning everyone over. If she hasn’t got us with our heads over our heels, then she’s got us wishing we could at least be best friends with her, or related to her, or even BE her. Here’s why you’ve just got to gush over Lily.

The Wrong Girl, season 1, channel ten

She’s clever, creative, and driven

When we first met Lily, she was doing the Usain Bolt toward something. No, it wasn’t a man, nor was it a Boxing Day sale, or even a hair appointment – is was to work.
Ambitious and driven, her ideas for TV show segments are designed to encourage audiences to think, rather than assuming they don’t want to.

Don’t get us wrong, we all love to know what’s in style, but mainly so we can look great when we’re thinking.

The Wrong Girl, season 1, channel ten

She handles workplace sexism with aplomb

Co-host of The Breakfast Bar, Eric Albrectson could be described as being ‘of his time’. He doesn’t mean to make his female colleagues feel uncomfortable with his overtly sexual jokes and behaviour, he just wrongly assumes they’re flattered.

That was until his colleague, Jack, returned the behaviour. 

The Wrong Girl, season 1, channel ten

When venting to Lily how inappropriate he thought Jack was, Lily calmly and sincerely explained that Jack was only demonstrating Eric’s own behaviour. Also that yes, it does make her feel uncomfortable when he bends over her in a way that brings her up close to his crotch.

The Wrong Girl, season 1, channel ten

She’s an excellent dancer

Sometimes it's the best form of communication​.

The Wrong Girl, season 1, channel ten

She’s the nucleus of the Woodward family

Often at Woodward family gatherings, when there's sniping, bickering and occasionally outright screaming, it’s Lily who provides the voice of reason.

She takes time to listen to everyone’s point of view and as a result, can handle delicate people and situations with sensitivity.

Also, this –

The Wrong Girl, season 1, channel ten

She’s a great friend

At Lily’s 30th birthday, Pete pointed out that of all her goals in life, there’s one she achieves over and over, and that’s being a great friend.

The Wrong Girl, season 1, channel ten

She never lets Pete go to a gig or an awkward dinner alone, and she’ll drop everything the minute Simone needs her.

The Wrong Girl, season 1, channel ten

While she’s genuinely kind to them, sometimes friendship means dishing out harsh but honest criticism, and Lily has the courage to tell her friends what they probably don’t want, but definitely need to hear.

There’s that whole snogging her friend’s ex thing … but who hasn’t done that?

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