5 Biggest Developments Of Season 2 So Far

Relive the events that have had us standing around the water cooler for hours

5. Mimi Moves On

Still reeling from ex-hubby Anthony's bombshell plans to remarry, Lily’s mum Mimi found herself leaning on free-thinking Simone for support, and embracing her ‘Say Yes’ attitude. Setting out to prove just how fabulous an over-fifty divorcée can be, a wild night on the town ended in an unexpected hook-up with a much younger gentleman – Pete’s agent, Bernard.

Later, when a run-in with Anthony and his fiancée left her in a spin, Bernard came running to her rescue, whisking her away on the back of his bike. Perhaps the newly empowered Mimi will turn her one-night into a two-night stand. Get it, girl.

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4. Professional Pete

With his agent Bernard’s company collapsing and his recent book failing to take off, new dad Pete found himself in need of employment. But not the kind Lily was offering, instead, he accepted a superior offer from her nemesis, TBB co-producer Jeremy, and unwittingly booting his bestie from her office. Whiles she was annoyed at first, Pete’s creative flair and diplomatic management of diva co-host Nikkii, quickly won Lily over. 

So, The ex-barista/novelist has gone corporate, but at what cost? Will the extra contact hours at the office tip Pete and Lily's already-fragile friendship into dangerous romantic territory? Or will an unexpected dalliance with another co-worker put his professional aspirations in jeopardy?

The Wrong Girl season 2 2017 network ten 10

3. Simone and Vincent and Alice, Oh My!

The Pete-Lily-Jack love triangle might have some competition from another entangled trio – Lily’s brother Vincent, her bestie Simone, and co-worker Alice.

Sim’s not-so-secret crush on Vincent really came to the boil when he started seeing bubbly Breakfast Bar segment producer, Alice. As their relationship progressed, Vincent was increasingly plagued by anxieties to do with engaging in intimate relations as a paraplegic. Sim offered to help, because what are friends for if not serious sexual healing? Things were getting hot and heavy, until Simone panicked, leaving Vincent confused but ultimately free to move on with Alice.

While she tried to fill the romantic void with various hobbies – mobile spray tans, kayaking – Simone fears she may have "missed the window" with the man she loves so much, her "bones hurt". Only time, and possibly an Into The Wild-style trek, will tell.

The Wrong Girl season 2 2017 network ten 10

2. Eric and Erica’s Rollercoaster Season

After Erica’s very public "boning," and the subsequent leaking of a sleazy video in which Eric complimented her derriere, it seemed that even the friendship between The Breakfast Bar co-hosts’ was through. Without Erica’s guiding hand, a freewheeling Eric went on to commit a string of sexist on-air blunders that pushed Sasha, Lily and the rest of the team to crisis point, forcing them all to confront the prickly issue of gender roles. 

The turning point came when a heart-warming interaction with Pete’s baby daughter, forced the TV star to realise how failed relationships with his estranged wife and daughter have shaped his professional persona. After walking a mile in a woman’s shoes - quite literally - the self-professed “reformed misogynist” won his co-host (and female viewers) back with a sincere, apologetic musical number.

The Wrong Girl season 2 2017 network ten 10

1. Lily and Jack To Say ‘I Do’

The discovery of a ring among Jack's belongings almost gave commitment-phobe Lily a bad case of frost bite. But the arrival of his former fiancee, Gillian, sure threw a cat among the pigeons. A woman of the modern age, Lily was supportive of Jack and Gillian starting a new cooking show together, even befriending the successful pastry chef. But for some reason she continues to harbour a Pete-sized secret one-night dalliance of her own. 

While away on a month-long shoot with Gillian, Jack began to question the future of his relationship with a woman who seemed reluctant to commit. Whether it was insecurity about Gillian or absence making the heart grow fonder, Lily ended up saying ‘yes’ to everything Jack had on the table. Whether they'll make it down the aisle is something that remains to be seen. 

The Wrong Girl season 2 2017 network ten 10

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