Watch Rodger Corser In These Epic Shows Before The Traitors Premieres On 10 Play

Get familiar with Aussie acting royalty Rodger Corser before he takes up a thrilling hosting gig on The Traitors, 10’s newest psychological adventure series, premiering soon on 10 and 10 Play on demand.

Party Tricks

Fancy a quickie? This six-part political miniseries is the perfect weekend binge.

Kate Ballard, played by Asher Keddie of Offspring fame, is facing her first re-election as the Victorian State Premiere. Kate is confident that she’s got a win in the bag – that is, until charismatic media personality David McCleod (played by Corser) suddenly announces his intention to run as the Opposition’s new candidate.

To the public, these powerful individuals present themselves as so-called enemies, but what they don’t know is that the two were involved in a sexy, secret affair years prior – a scandal that could ultimately ruin Kate’s campaign – and possibly her marriage - should it be exposed.

Puberty Blues

From the producers of Party Tricks and Offspring, this coming-of-age drama spans two seasons and is the perfect embodiment of ‘70s Australia on screen – dysfunctional relationships, lots of sex, jigging school for the beach and smashing a Splice on a hot day. It also explores more serious themes of misogyny, sexual assault, and racism that was rampant amongst the beachside community during that time.

Corser plays Ferris Hennessey, an unhappily married man and father of Gary, one of the shows main teenagers. He’s a serial cheat and an emotionally abusive father to his son, however Ferris’ timid wife Yvonne turns a blind eye to both his attitude and philandering ways because she worships the ground he walks on.

Corser’s character is one you’ll probably hate, but the show is one you’ll love, so get on it before we drop ya. (Kidding!)


If hot cops and fighting crime are your thing, then 70 episodes of Rush should get you through a few solid weeks of La Niña.

Starring Rodger Corser as Senior Sergeant Lawson Blake, Callan Mulvey (Heartbreak High) as Sergeant Brendan Joshua, Nicole Da Silva (Wentworth) as Senior Constable Stella Dagostino, and Samuel Johnson OAM (The Secret Life Of Us) as Intelligence Officer Leon Broznic, this Aussie drama follows the professional and personal lives of the Police Tactical Response Team, who rush around Melbourne to fight crimes ranging from carjacking's and armed offences to hostages and kidnappings.

Five Bedrooms

Here’s a story, about five strangers, who meet at a wedding and decided to bond.

After one too many drinks, the convo turned, to buying a house with a pond*.

Sounds absolutely bonkers, but we can confirm it makes for a great comedy-drama!

Now in its third season, Five Bedrooms begins with the story of Liz, Heather, Ben, Harry and Ainsley, who are all tired of being single and feeling ‘stuck’. After meeting at a wedding and discussing the total disaster that is the Australian property market, the drunken group make a totally normal and not-at-all-crazy plan to pool all their life savings together to buy a house.

Even after the tequila has worn off, the once-strangers eventually put plans into action and set their sights on a five-bedder in the heart of Melbourne. They learn how to co-exist with one another while also navigating their own personal joys and heartaches.

Corser is cast in season two as Liz's (Kat Stewart, Offspring) ex-husband Stuart. The two accidentally run into each other are years of no-contact, and their reunion surfaces old feelings and sparks painful conversations about children and what-ifs.

Five Bedrooms Season 1 – 3 can be watched on Paramount+ (join now and get 7 days free), and Season 2 is available on 10 play for free!

*house may or may not have a pond.