'Things Just Turn To Utter Chaos In That Room': Justine Becomes The Traitors' Next Victim

Another night, another bloodthirsty murder.

The Traitors continue their reign of terror with last night's murder of Justine. A social, strategic player known for her strong convictions and not shying away from conflict.  

“My strategy was just to be authentically myself," Justine told 10 Play. "I knew that there'd be so many lies and things to keep track of. But I didn't want to have to keep track of my own or have like a web of deceit or anything like that surrounding myself.

"As a social worker, I know that I'm really good at having difficult conversations so I wanted to bring that skill set into it. And I really value human connection. So I thought that would serve me well as well.” 

The Traitors is a game filled with mistaken identity, backstabbing and paranoia and so far, the Faithful have succeeded in sending only one Traitor home.  

“The most surprising thing was how difficult it was to work out who the Traitors are. I was a little bit naïve and thinking that there might be some more obvious clues. 

"Watching it back now I'm like, oh, wow, Angus was a terrible liar. But that's the beauty of hindsight. At the time, it is so difficult, because you're just getting to know strangers.” 

The Traitors have been strategic in their murder spree with Sandra, Millie, Midy, Ethan and Justine all fitting the bill of smart, social and confident players. 

“I'm very perceptive and people kept saying that to me on the show all the time. I picked up on Marielle, alluding to there being four Traitors. And I was like, how do you know that? 

"And I'm not one to shy away from having those difficult conversations. I call things out, so I think that just made [The Traitors] uncomfortable."

In the hopes of adding to the cash prize, the contestants also found themselves in a water challenge, racing each other in the hopes of winning a shield – protection from the nightly banishment and murder.

It came down to Nigel and Angus, two Traitors who battled it out in the water with Nigel ultimately winning the shield.   

Speaking about who went into the water Justine said, “It was the four Traitors plus Paul, so that was a bit of a red flag for me, definitely. But like I said at the time, you don't want to read too much into it.

"I didn't get in because by the time I realised that we could get in, Nigel was already halfway there. I've got no chance, I'm just gonna stay dry.” 

For the past two weeks at banishments, Justine has written down Matt's name. Matt has become infamous in the house for his disruptive behaviour and for causing tension in the house - particularly for his constant accusations against Teresa. 

“He had just become like a drowning man, he was flailing. And it was like such a change. He had been so cool, calm and collected up to that point," Justine said. "And he had become so erratic”.  

Last night proved to be one of the tensest banishments to date, as heated discussions and accusations ran riot.  

“Matt had, I think, in his attempts to find the Traitors, perhaps forgotten it was a game too and he had just been so intense that it started to make people feel very uncomfortable," she admitted.

"It was probably one of the most tense banishments, I can't even explain the feeling, things just turn to utter chaos in that room. It's like something takes over.

"I don't know if The Robertson Hotel is haunted or what, but it's like we all became possessed in there. It was truly chaos. But in a great way too and there was never any sort of animosity or anything between us the next day.” 

As a well-liked, valued member of the Faithful, Justine’s demise was on the cards.

“Look, I wasn't surprised. I knew that Marielle thought I was on to her. The best thing was watching how sad people were at breakfast and I was like, oh god, that's beautiful. 

"It's such an interesting game because there's so many little sliding door moments along the way, where you're like, imagine if they banished Kate over me, where would that have taken the game?

"I honestly had the time in my life, it was one of the best things I've ever done."

The Traitors continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand