'The Worst Way To Go': Ethan Murdered By Traitors Before His Game Really Began

Ethan's growing alliance of Faithful players became too much of a threat to the Traitors, and he quickly joined the growing list of their victims.

After an explosive banishment, Ethan became the third Faithful to find themselves 'murdered' by the Traitors in the dead of the night. Ironically, the fitness trainer had only just started to feel comfortable in the game.

"I was feeling the most confident the night before I got murdered," Ethan told 10 Play. "The first few days I was thinking I'm probably not going to win this, I didn't even unpack my clothes I just thought f**k it, I'll leave them in the cupboard."

But that night, Ethan decided to finally unpack his clothes, only to have to almost immediately pack his bags all over again.

"That's the way it happens, isn't it? It was a bad omen putting my clothes away," he added, laughing.

Ethan's swift exit meant he wasn't able to fight for his place in the game, he just had to quietly re-pack his clothes.

"It's the worst way to go," he confessed, "I wanted to fight my way to death, not just be shot in the back. I wanted to go out swinging!

"I wanted to go out and then start spreading rumours in the banishment. Saying this person said this when they didn't, really going out with fireworks! Instead, I just fizzled out."

With three Guinness World Record titles under his belt, Ethan is used to pushing himself to his mental and physical limits, but The Traitors was a whole other experience.

"I think anything in that kind of environment is really testing to your mental state," he explained, "I was really excited for the opportunity to test myself in a new environment. That's what appealed to me."

But once the game officially kicked off Ethan said he was "a bit shook" by the intensity. "It caught me off guard, the amount of rumours and talking behind people's backs. It almost felt a little bit unnatural for me and that was quite a shocking experience.

"I'm definitely not the type of person who feels comfortable saying something behind someone's back," he continued. "To their face? Absolutely no issue, but at that point in the game, I had no one that was causing me any trouble and I didn't need to defend myself."

Coming into the game Ethan was desperate to be tapped as one of the Traitors. Though he likes to believe in the real world he's a genuine and honest person, being given the opportunity to play a villain was just too good of a role to turn down.

"To be a Traitor, you've got the opportunity to do wrong and it's this awesome, fun experience. You can just play with people and mess about, it gives you a lot more power in the game."

Unfortunately, Ethan remained Faithful through the game. Creating fast friendships with fellow players Fi, Teresa and Mark, the Traitors noticed a strong alliance forming that had the capacity to turn the game in the Faithful's favour.

"We were all really tight, I think they were definitely threatened and I can see that now looking back on it," Ethan explained. "I did a really good job of becoming quite close with everyone there except for the Traitors which, I don't know why. Maybe a gut instinct or maybe luck of the draw, but that's what I think bit me in the bum.

"The Traitors, at this point, even though it seemed like gameplay I think they're cutting the people they had the least interactions and contact with."

Looking back at his time in the game, Ethan said if he could do it all again he'd attempt to get to know everyone as fast as he could. Then he'd cause chaos.

"I just think, if I knew I was only going to be there for a short time, I would have absolutely spun some yarns to people, just told someone this or that which didn't even happen, just really get into the heads of some people early on."

The Traitors continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand