'The Most Frustrating Thing I've Ever Experienced': Midy's Game Ends As He Gets Closer To The Traitors

On Sunday night, Midy became the next Faithful to be taken out of the game by the Traitors.

A vocal leader in the group from the outset, Midy's experience with escape rooms, puzzles and party games paired with his analytical mind meant that he was an obvious threat to the Traitors. Immediately he assumed they were hunting for four Traitors - a number that had been kept secret from the Faithful - and was hugely suspicious of Angus and Marielle.

Admitting his extreme surprise that he was 'murdered', Midy had announced his suspicions in the banishment prior and added that if he were to be the murder victim, the Faithful players should know exactly where to look.

"I just hate how Nigel was the only person to realise how obviously I set [Angus and Marielle] up," Midy told 10 Play. "I thought I had a martyrdom plan in play, which meant if I died I'd still win because I'd prove that I'm right. And if I stay alive, I'm going to take them out.

"From day one I said it's Angus and Marielle and if I'm right about one, I'm right about the other," Midy continued. "I essentially offered a lifeline that would lead to more Traitors and it was up to the Faithful on whether they wanted to explore that thought."

Instead, the Faithful continued their pattern of voting one of their own out, as the Traitors schemed and plotted against them, planting seeds of doubt in people's minds.

"It was the most frustrating thing I've ever experienced in my life," he said.

"I came to realise that there were several smear campaigns against me straight away, and I know it came from the Traitors."

Before the Traitors had been selected, Midy revealed he had created an alliance with Justine and Marielle. After the Traitors had been chosen by Rodger, there was a dramatic shift in Marielle's conduct.

"Marielle couldn't avoid me harder, she constantly tried to run away from conversations with me," he said, adding that multiple people approached him to reveal his name had been brought up in conversations as a potential Traitor.

"I said that's interesting, who told you that? All four people told me Marielle. How does someone go from my ally to creating a campaign against me overnight? Obviously a Traitor."

Considering himself an excellent observer in body language and micro-expressions, Midy also said Angus was "markedly different" to the others around him after the Traitors were selected.

With his suspicions about the duo, all he needed to do was watch and wait for confirmation.

"I'm sitting in the banishment room looking at Angus, and Angus has never spoken to Marielle but I see him shoot glances to Marielle... somehow he feels the need to share a connection with her every now and then," Midy explained. "It was literally like them banging a drum, ringing a bell like 'I'm a Traitor!'"

If he had his time in the game over again, Midy said, "I would have been much more obvious with my threats... essentially I addressed the group and said I'm pretty sure I'm going to die today and that means I'm right.

"I thought it didn't leave any doubt about who I was pointing the finger at but it clearly wasn't explicit enough. Going back I just wish I said guys, I promise you I'm going to die tonight and it's 100 percent, Angus and Marielle."

But the Traitors were wise to how smart Midy was, and took him out of the game in the dead of night rather than giving him the opportunity of banishment to make his thoughts and feelings crystal clear.

"Not having the opportunity to provide final words is, I think, the reason why... they are no closer to finding the Traitors than when I’m there.

"In fact, after my departure, the Traitors become less and less accused and the Faithful go even more off the track. I definitely feel like if I was offered the chance to say final words, it would have been the end of the game for the Traitors."

The Traitors continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand