'It Seemed Premature': The Traitors Turn On Each Other As Angus Is The First Traitor Unmasked

On Monday night, Angus became the very first Traitor to be successfully unmasked. Thanks, in part, to one of his own.

There had been suspicion surrounding Angus for a while, and Mark had his sights set on finally revealing a Traitor after the group had failed to do so time and time again.

But it wasn't just the Faithfuls that were to thank for Angus' demise, Marielle did her best to scheme against one of her fellow Traitors, even recruiting Nigel to work with her.

Citing a change in his demeanour, many of the Faithful took aim at Angus adding that they believed he was "struggling" with his role as a Traitor. But Angus told 10 Play he was "stoked" when he felt Rodger's hand on his shoulder, tapping him to be one of the four Traitors. "It meant I wasn't the first one out," he said, laughing.

After the selection of the Traitors, when everyone removed their masks, Angus said they all looked across the table and immediately assumed the person opposite them had been picked as a Traitor.

"I was sat across from Midy and Mark, and everybody else who had eyes on other people thought they were a Traitor," he explained. "I didn't necessarily agree with that demeanour and I definitely didn't change my personality as we came out of that room, so it may have been a red herring.

"But also, people were looking for anything to say to give their vote legitimacy, to make a vote logical, when really everything is a feeling and based on emotion," Angus added.

The fun-loving sales manager had a simple reason why he hoped he was going to be one of the Traitors, "because I thought it would be a lot funnier", but the laughs came to an end when Marielle realised to save her own skin she'd need to start scheming against her own.

Hoping to not only create the perfect cover of helping vote out a Traitor, Marielle also saw the opportunity to get herself one step closer to the finale by cutting out a competitor before they could turn on her.

"I knew it was something I'd have to do later, but it was a massive surprise," Angus admitted. "It seemed premature... we were getting to the point where we could stack the deck and cruise all the way to the final four.

"I'm not exactly sure why that was broken up," Angus added.

Seeing Nigel and Marielle vote for him, Angus let out a mischievous laugh at the thought of exposing the pair on his way out of the game.

"I'd be lying if it didn't cross my mind, but ultimately you signed up for a game and, yes you can play in the grey area of the rules, but you can't sell them out," he said. "It's one of the only rules that you actually have to follow... I would never have done that."

But seeing Marielle vote against him several times, Angus said he couldn't see the point in trying to rally against her in the hopes that her game would fall apart before his.

"My strategy -- and obviously I'm out now so it failed -- was just all about numbers at the end of the day. All you need is to have someone get one more vote than you," he said.

"I didn't believe I could make a run on Marielle so I didn't bother, I just tried to stem how much influence she was having in the group and find someone who already had three or four people voting [for them] and try to stack on that person."

Though he thoroughly enjoyed the game and learned a lot about himself in the process, playing a "slightly altered character" of himself, Angus said other than going back to "unmistake the mistakes I made", if he had his time over again he wouldn't do much differently.

"I'd probably just be me again. I'm not very good at lying and deceit so I'd probably play the same game and hope for a better outcome," he said, laughing.

"I don't believe this will be the last season, it was too much fun and, obviously, I didn't win but in five years' time when there's a superstars version I'll be back front and centre."

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