'I Thought It Was Done And Buried': Olivia's Rumour Comes Back To Bite Her In A Banishment

Like a chaotic game of Telephone, one rumour spiralled into tense accusations and a fake witness that saw another Faithful banished.

Nine Faithful players have left the game so far, and the Traitors continue their winning streak of hiding in plain sight.

Ahead of Sunday night's banishment, the house was full of scrambling players hoping to finally unmask their first Traitor. But old rumours resurfaced and Olivia's story about Jack being a potential Traitor once again put her in the spotlight.

Unable to shake off the way in which the rumour had mutated in a game of Telephone as each person told their own version, and a mystery 'witness' couldn't be identified. Matt took it upon himself to put Olivia in the hot seat, attracting a few votes himself. Unfortunately for Olivia, another Faithful, the rumour became too unwieldy and she was voted out of the game.

"I was 100 percent blindsided when Matt started running around asking a million questions, dragging it all back up," Olivia told 10 Play. "Myself and many other contestants had all thought it was done and dusted and that we needed to move on because there were more important things to be dealing with rather than this silly rumour that began on day one."

Having spoken to several people in the house, Olivia was under the assumption that she was safe from the vote later that night. But as she sat down for the banishment, her name began popping up a lot more often than she expected.

"Knowing that there are at least three or four Traitors that are obviously going to write my name down because I was an easy vote, and anyone else Matt had got onside... I was a little bit shocked," she added.

"It's not a nice feeling knowing that your name is coming up over and over again, especially with something I thought was done and buried.

"The more you try and explain yourself the more heat you put on yourself as well," she said.

While she had hoped to be a Traitor because "Everyone loves a good baddie", when Olivia didn't receive a tap on the shoulder she was ready to play a game devoted to her fellow Faithful players.

The rumour all began after the very first challenge where Jack put his arm around Olivia and said something about that night's murder. Getting into the car after the brief interaction, Olivia revealed the strange comment to the others in the car with her and from there the rumour spread like wildfire.

"What I heard and what Jack said might have been one word different," Olivia said. From there, the story became that a third person had 'witnessed' the interaction, though that person never came forward. The rumour tarnished Olivia after Jack was the first Faithful to be banished.

"I just couldn't shake it," Olivia admitted. "I'm from a family of eight kids so any car ride I was ever in was never silent. Getting in that car, I open up my mouth and said what had happened and I sort of wish I hadn't said anything at all... but it's not in me to not stir the pot."

Despite Matt's best efforts to throw Olivia under the bus, she said she had no idea her neck was so firmly on the chopping block.

"I was still under the impression that we were looking at Angus and definitely Matt. The way Matt was running around like a madman, everyone I had spoken to was like yeah, we're going with Matt!

"Obviously I didn't speak to the right people, the ones I hadn't spoken to were the ones that were going rogue, picking their own names. Had they actually sided with most of the group and picked Matt I would have still been in the game."

While disappointed that she was banished, Olivia was still happier that she went out defending herself rather than being murdered by the Traitors in the middle of the night.

"I was always concerned that, if you are too quiet and you fly under the radar, you might just get murdered and that would have been a bit more of a waste of time," Olivia said.

"I played a good game for myself, I do like stirring the pot so I guess once that rumour had started, it was something that was out there. If I had my time again, I'd like to say I'd keep my mouth shut, but that's probably never going to happen," she added, laughing.

"I love a good chat! It's never a quiet experience near me, so I guess saying I'd like to stay quiet is easy, but actually doing it would be a different thing."

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