'I Love Having The Last Word': Dirk Takes His Final Faithful Bow As Traitors Continue Their Scheming

On Monday night, Dirk was the latest Faithful to be banished but he also finally revealed that he wasn't just a hotel concierge.

Since the beginning of the game Dirk had been accused of hiding something from his fellow players and, after receiving a bulk of the votes during the banishment, he proved them right.

But it wasn't the truth bomb the other players were expecting, as Dirk revealed that he was not just a hotel concierge but also an actor. As Dirk wiped away his crocodile tears he left his captive audience stunned.

"It was so good," Dirk told 10 Play, "I know they were expecting me to say [I was a] Traitor, it was so delicious.

"I made sure that I left on good terms by acknowledging every single person in that banishment, saying it was all an act. It was a great way for me to end, but also for them to not feel so bad."

It was a difficult week for Dirk who, during the shield challenge earlier, slipped up in front of his fellow Faithful by admitting he "forgot" the shield protected players from the next murder. The small comment was enough for some to rally behind, twisting it into the idea that Dirk was not 'afraid' of being murdered in the game because he was clearly one of the Traitors.

Dirk admitted that in the banishment where Matt was voted out he had already started packing his own bags. "I was convinced that I was leaving that night," he added.

"The hard thing is, I literally never said 'I am not afraid of being murdered', those words never came out of my mouth. I actually said the complete opposite," he added.

Unfortunately, the slip-up was enough to convince Fi of Dirk's guilt as a Traitor and she gathered the momentum to vote him out.

"I love Fi so much and I'm so glad we are really good friends after this, but when she has an idea in her head she runs with it and does not let it go," Dirk said. "It is like fighting a losing battle with her."

Kate was also one of the players who had Dirk in her sights early on, questioning why he wasn't more accusatory during banishment.

"I'm the type of person where, especially in my career in hotels, if I've had to investigate something we need as much concrete evidence as possible... I need all the facts, I need this before I can pass judgement or make a decision," Dirk explained.

"I wasn't getting what I thought was enough information to accuse someone of being a Traitor," he said, "I was listening to what other people were saying and thought okay, I've noticed that as well, I'll draw my own conclusions and either vote for that person or not."

Having fought an uphill battle for the past few banishments trying to clear his name, when it came to Monday night's ceremony, Dirk had planned to go home.

"I thought about it a lot, weighed up my options and thought can I do one more night in this situation? The stress was getting to me so much and I had run out of material. An actor is only as good as their script," he said, laughing.

"I was trying not to let my emotions get away from me, and I get so frustrated when people just don't get their facts straight so I thought, look, I'm going to leave but I'm going to go out with a bang.

"I always planned from the beginning that, if I was to leave the game it would have to be via banishment and not murder," he said. "I love having the last word, and I wanted to be able to reveal that I wasn't a concierge I was an actor... It was great for me to exit the game on my terms."

After his banishment, the remaining players gathered for a drink, scratching their heads in confusion about Dirk's big reveal, questioning why he didn't just tell them he was an actor during the game. Dirk had to wait until he saw the episode to see the fallout, which he was thrilled about.

"It was great watching it because I was like they're talking about it! I've dropped a smoke bomb and it has confused them and thrown them off-track and that's what I was there for, to cause drama."

Admittedly, his secret was partially to blame for why many people were suspicious of him from the get-go, but Dirk says his strategy would have worked flawlessly had he been a Traitor instead.

"I now know Marielle has an acting background and I'm in absolute disbelief and awe watching her perform every day," he said.

"I've seen a few comments online saying she's playing dirty, but she's the only one who is actually playing the game exactly how it was described to us - like, can you throw your best friend under the bus for your own gratification? It's so great watching her perform and I think if I was a Traitor with her, we would have made it all the way to the end."

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