‘I Just Had So Much More To Give’: Millie Becomes The First Murder Victim Of The Traitors

Before her game had even had a chance to properly start, Millie’s time in the game was brutally brought to an end.

With the Traitors gathering for the first time, they faced a difficult decision. Who would be the first of the Faithful to fall victim to their murderous ways?

Several strategies were thrown in the mix, but ultimately the four Traitors decided that Millie seemed like too much of a threat and it was safest to get her out of the game early.

Before she had even had time to unpack, Millie was ‘murdered’ and her time in the game almost immediately came to a crashing halt.

“Brief is an understatement,” Millie told 10 Play, laughing. “Very brief, but I loved it. I saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I’m just grateful I even got to be a part of it… even if it was for a split-second.”

As the group first mingled together, before Rodger had time to select who would step into the role of Traitors, Millie said there was a friendly atmosphere to the room. “At that point, you don’t think anyone would lie about anything or try to hide anything about their identity at the opening points of the cocktail party.”

But that tone quickly shifted when they sat down and Rodger made the game-altering announcement that he was about to tap the Traitors on their shoulders then and there.

“I’m sure a lot of other contestants are similar, I really went into it convinced I’d be picked as a Traitor,” Millie revealed. Watching the episode back, Millie could pinpoint the moment she realised that she hadn’t been selected. “I was fuming I didn’t get picked because my whole game plan up to that point was to be a Traitor, I was so convinced!

“My goal was to go in there and be best friends with everyone and that’s how I was going to play the game,” she continued. “The second that you’re on the chopping board because you don’t have the power that night, everything shifted and you go into panic mode.”

The biggest question really came down to why Millie was targeted, which she finally got her answer after seeing the four Traitors make their decision in the episode.

“So many things run through your head,” she explained, “was I not open enough? Did I not talk to enough people? Did they spit me out first because I was nothing and no one saw me as anything or was it that I was actually seen as a threat?

“To be honest, after watching and seeing that I was seen as a potential threat, I’m quite happy with that. Super bittersweet, but I’m glad that they had reasons to get rid of me that wasn’t just, ‘Oh, we’ll pick a random.’”

When she was informed that she had been murdered first, Millie said she just assumed she was being lied to, refusing to believe that her time in the game would be cut so short.

“It took a lot of people to be like no, no, we’re not taking you for a ride here, your journey’s over. I was like, stop that… we just got here! What do you mean?

“I kept saying like, are you sure you don’t need me to come back as a ghost?” She added, laughing. “Like let me do something where I can haunt these people.”

Completely out of her control, Millie’s exit was a real blindside. “I just had more to give and I think the most frustrating thing is I didn’t even get a challenge in. I didn’t get to wear my dorky tracksuit.

“I didn’t get to actually show what I can do, and I think that’s what I’ve been sitting on for the last however long. I just didn’t get a chance to show what I can actually do, that’s what’s been eating me up the most.”

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