Your Favourite Trashy Aussie ‘Drama-lity’ Show, The Shire, Is Leaving 10 Play Soon

What do you get when you mix a wannabe rap artist, a questionable fat-burning device and people with names that have unnecessary extra letters at the end? The makings of one of 10’s most controversial shows - The Shire.

But be quick, it’s only available to watch on demand on 10 play until the February 28th, 2021

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The Shire first debuted on Network TEN back in 2012, the year that the Mayan’s predicted the world would end. And according to some of the below tweets regarding the controversial show, some people wish it did:

Never watched it? Don’t write it off just yet because of a few narky comments. The show follows a group of young teens living their best teenage lives in Sydney’s surfy Sutherland Shire region, proclaimed "God’s country” by its locals. Unsurprisingly the Sutherland Mayor, Carol Provan, considered the show to be tantamount to blasphemy.

I hope I eat humble pie. I hope it's a great show. But time will tell and I'm still adamant that we don't need it in our community.

It’s safe to say the pie has remained uneaten.

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You’ll meet the likes of Mitch, a 20-something with a southern cross tatt coz you know, ‘straaaaaya, who’s on a mission to find his real dad whilst trying to get back with his ex-high school sweetheart, Gabby. Then there’s Beckaa with two a’s who uses the Bank of Rich Dad to buy everything from nose jobs to breast implants, but it’s all good ‘cause she’s Daddy’s Princess!

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But let’s not forget the REAL stars of the show, “wifeys” Sophie and Vernesa, whose missions in life include creating phat booties using fat cavitation. They’ve got it all – fake lips, botox, fake boobs, fake tan and so forth but in the end, they’re both “REAL”.

There’s also your usual serving of house parties, beef between couples and even two besties getting together over the most awks dinner ever. See? Reality GOLD!

So, will it make you cringe? Yes. Does it rival the likes of The Hills and Jersey Shore? Absolutely. Are there some questionable flashback scenes that may or may not have actually happened? You bloody betcha.

Watch The Shire until February 28th Only on 10 Play