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The Masked Singer - S4 Ep. 3
PG | Light Entertainment

Air Date: Tue 9 Aug 2022

With even more cryptic clues and star-studded singing acts, Mel B, Chrissie Swan, Abbie Chatfield and Dave Hughes try to crack which global superstars are behind their outrageous and elaborate masks.

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About the Show

It’s less of a whodunnit, and more of a who sung it.

Defying all tropes of the reality competition genre, The Masked Singer Australia is back with the bonkers scale of this addictive singing competition, cranked to new levels of spirited madness.

The most over-the-top costume party will see local and international superstars bravely step into the spotlight for another season of the hit sensation, that has viewers across Australia screaming "take it off!".

Leading the nation’s biggest guessing game is a crack unit of powerhouse detectives: global pop phenomenon Melanie Brown (aka Mel B), radio royalty Chrissie Swan, pop-culture icon Abbie Chatfield and professional funny man Dave Hughes.

With each goosebump-inducing performance, our panel will be left to decipher who is singing behind the mask, with the aid of our carefully curated clue packages that would trick even the most impressive internet sleuth.

Expect Met Gala-worthy costumes, a varying range of singing prowess, behind the scenes secrecy that puts Get Smart to shame and a panel of pop culture junkies.

Hosted by Osher Günsberg, The Masked Singer Australia will make you smile, drive you crazy and leave you wanting more.