‘This Show Brought It Back For Me’: Sophie Monk Is Recording New Music After The Masked Singer

The identity underneath our stunning Dragonfly bugged the guessing panel, but on Monday night Sophie Monk was finally unmasked.

Though she attempted to throw BFF Jackie O off the scent with a sneaky backstage phone call, Sophie finally had to come clean, apologising profusely for hiding what she was up to from her mate for six weeks.

“Six weeks later I’m still lying to her,” Sophie told Rob Mills during her Behind The Mask interview, “I just had to pretend that I just was not interested in what she was doing, which I felt so bad about.

“I was like, god I’m the worst friend ever!”

Sophie Monk Rob Mills Masked Singer New Music
Straight after being unmasked, Sophie caught up with Rob Mills to chat all things Masked Singer.

One reason Jackie was hesitant to throw Sophie’s name out as a guess was that she knew how reluctant Sophie was to return to the spotlight.

Explaining to Millsy she was only around 18 or 19-years-old when she first broke into the biz via Popstars.

“I was a very young teenager, I wasn’t a grown-up really. I thought everyone wanted the best for you,” she said. After making the move into acting, Sophie said she planned to give up music altogether.

Until, of course, she got the offer to dress up like the most glam Dragonfly you’ve ever seen.

Giving her the opportunity to be herself, while also being an enormous disco bug, Sophie said being on The Masked Singer was the most positive experience.

“Everyone was so kind, the judges aren’t judging… it’s just, for me, the most positive reality show you can do…. It’s a guessing game with talent which is the best thing you can do.”

Sophie had such a good time she even revealed it inspired her to record new music.

“I’m working on a song for me, I’m not sure if the audience wants it though,” she joked. “I miss singing… this show’s definitely brought it back for me, the love of singing.”

Find out more in Sophie’s Behind The Mask interview with Rob Mills in the video above.

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