The Wildest Guesses From The Masked Singer 2020

From Archbishops to… salmon, this year our guessing panel isn’t afraid to really throw any name out there.

On a journey with us to uncover the secret celebrity identities of our 12 masks, Dannii, Dave, Jackie and Urzila really have had their work cut out for them this season.

Sometimes they absolutely smash it, with Inspector Minogue and Jackie Holmes competing for the most correct guesses in a season. But for Hughesy and Urzila, their efforts can often be a little more, shall we say… creative?

Often wacky, occasionally bizarre and always hilarious, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane to remember some of our favourite guesses from Season 2 so far.

A Political Puppet

While Puppet gave Dannii the heebie-jeebies, early on the guessing panel struggled to crack who was our creepily loveable Puppet.

“That sounds like a man who could get you into a situation,” Urzila confidently said. “I reckon that’s Barnaby Joyce.”

“If there’s a guy who needs to get out of the house for a little bit,” she continued, “It’s Barnaby Joyce.”

A Fishy Queen

While Hughesy went for a royal theme and threw out Princess Mary as an initial guess, it was Urzila who emerged with our favourite guess maybe ever?

“Tasmania was just there to throw me,” she said of Queen’s very first clues.

“I was going to go for salmon,” she said before adding, “but I don’t think it’s salmon at all…”

We’re calling it: next year there better be a celebrity salmon singing in a giant salmon mask.

A Mooing Sloth

It was when we were first introduced to Sloth that we got a few clues about why she loves sunshine, and while most of the guessing panel assumed that meant the celeb hiding behind the mask was a Queenslander, Urzila had a different approach.

“The sunshine thing really did it for me now, I think I know who’s in there,” she said, defiantly.

“It’s the Cash Cow. Obviously, Cash Cow from Sunrise.”

A Deceptively Mature Kitten

Though Kitten’s true identity turned out to be one of Urzila’s best mates, she kept consistently guessing one name throughout the competition. Very early on, Urzila was sure she had cracked this one wide open.

“Well the voice is amazing, the voice is great. Now I’m leaning towards Susan Boyle. She was judged, she got some criticism, and she’s got an amazing voice.”

“And she got famous young,” Hughesy backed her up, adding, “she was about 72 when she got famous.”

An Amazonian Dragonfly

This is probably one of our favourite interpretations (or should that be misinterpretations) of the clues when one of Dragonfly’s clues mentioned spending time in the “toughest jungle”.

“I’m going to go with the clues they were in the jungle, I’m going to say that’s the Amazon, they escaped the jungle… Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife.”

Referencing novelist MacKenzie Scott who was married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos until 2019, sadly Hughesy was slightly off the mark with this guess.

A Baller Bushranger

Sometimes clues can be ridiculously cryptic, and other times they can be so obvious we’re kicking ourselves that we missed them. In Episode 4, Bushranger was standing near a photo of Victoria Beckham.

“I thought could it be Victoria Beckham?” Hughesy pondered, “then I thought no, your voice is too high. Maybe it’s David Beckham!”

And An Archbishop Frillneck

In Episode 5 the masks brought in a clue from home in the hopes of shedding a bit more light on their celeb identities. While it didn’t help the guessing panel too much, Frillneck’s clue really brought out an interesting guess.

When Osher revealed an instrument made up of a wooden board with metal prongs, Frillneck explained, “I played this Kalimba for Nelson Mandela”.

That got the cogs turning and Hughesy thought he had cracked the case wide open.

“My guess before was Hugh Jackman, it was all leaning to that. Now, with the South African reference, I reckon it’s Desmond Tutu.”

Could the former Archbishop of Cape Town be behind the mask? Could one of our three remaining celebs actually be salmon?! We’ll have to wait for the grand finale to find out!

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