The Masked Singer: Can You Guess Who's Behind The Mask?

Put on your detective hat and break out your magnifying glass, because we’re about to break down these magnificent costumes to try and figure out WHO is behind the mask.

Here’s everything we know about the costumes so far. Can you guess who is the celebrity inside?

The Unicorn

Unicorn, The Masked Singer

With roses, sequins and pearls around the neck, this costume screams elegance. The small wings on the back of the costume means technically this beautiful horned horse is part Pegasus but hey, we’re not here to focus on mythical discrepancies. The Unicorn is majestic AF and the pink hair is everything.

The Dragon

Dragon, The Masked Singer

A shimmering blue creature emerges from the red flames of hell. We see the sparkly horned tail – is it a dinosaur? No, it’s a bad-ass dragon in some pretty bad-ass armour. This Dragon looks like it could give Eragon a run for its money and we can’t wait to hear it belt out a tune after breathing some fire.

The Monster

Monster, The Masked Singer

What this Monster lacks in eyes and teeth, it makes up for in energy. This fearless, fluffy icon is ready to hit the stage and make you scream “encore”! Also, it is so damn cute we want nothing more than to pick it up and give it a huge hug.

The Lion

Lion, The Masked Singer

Move over Mufasa, this golden Lion is busting out onto the stage with some serious attitude and a downright glorious mane. Covered in glittering jewels and rocking a cape, we get the feeling this fierce Lion is not here to mess around. We’re ready to hear the roar.

The Octopus

Octopus, The Masked Singer

This sassy blue-ringed Octopus has legs for days and moves that could kill. There’s no doubt a performance from this underwater beauty will have you wishing you had eight hands that you could clap with.

The Wolf

Wolf, The Masked Singer

Arooooooow! This big bad Wolf is ready to rip up the stage. It’s huffin, it’s puffin, it’s singing up a storm. Forget your picnic baskets and forget your grandma, this Wolf is only interested in one thing – taking home the glory. Drop the mic.


The Masked Singer is coming soon to 10 and 10 play