Isaiah Firebrace Couldn’t Tell His Dad He Was On The Masked Singer

The sixth celeb to be revealed, our Wizard caught up with Rob Mills to explain why he had to keep the secret from his biggest fan.

Chatting to Millsy on his episode of Behind The Mask, straight after his unmasking, Isaiah admitted his velvety voice did give him away to a lot of his fans.

“But I had to keep it a secret, I couldn’t say anything,” he added.

There was one person who the 20-year-old had to really keep the secret from, his own dad.

“My management and I were so worried that he was going to pick up my voice from the original show,” he said, adding, “He’s the type of guy that obviously is my biggest fan, but he would go out and tell everybody.

“We were like oh my gosh, if he finds out it will be the end of it so he was the main one that we had to keep it from.”

In past interviews, Isaiah has spoken about how his dad, Wayne, was one of his first musical influences, teaching him to play the guitar and always encouraging him to sing in church from the age of three.

Wayne has also been such a vocal fan of his son, remembering the days when the neighbours would ask them to turn down the music while Isaiah was singing. They've since changed their tune!

From his time on Season 8 of The X Factor Australia and representing Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest a year later, Isaiah’s recognisable voice was a dead giveaway to his identity, even though the judges weren’t entirely sure.

With guesses ranging from Troye Sivan to Zac Efron, it was Jackie O who finally was able to pinpoint Wizard’s real identity.

Millsy and Isaiah performed together at a Christmas gig last year, so there was no hiding from last year’s Wolf, but the thought did cross Isaiah’s mind to switch things up and attempt to cover up his voice.

“I was thinking that I really should have tried to disguise it,” Isaiah joked.

Hiding his voice wasn’t the only struggle Isiah had to overcome — though the Wizard looked like one of the more agile masks this season, we were pretty shocked to hear just where things lined up for the crooner.

“I couldn’t see that far in front of me, my vision was restricted. My eyes were under the Wizard’s chin… I was looking underneath his chin, looking through the beard,” he said.

That’s one big Wizard.

Check out Isaiah’s full Behind The Mask in the video above.

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