‘I Trust No One’: Urzila Carlson Is Ready To Take The Masked Singer Seriously (Sort Of)

Returning to the guessing panel for Season 3, Urzila is bringing a completely new approach to The Masked Singer.

Chatting to 10 play over the phone, the comedian said she was thrilled when she was asked to return alongside Dave Hughes, Jackie O and Dannii Minogue to guess the secret identities of celebrities singing behind some incredible costumes.

“Initially I was like okay, I’m just a fill-in, the substitute teacher. I get to chill out and enjoy the ride,” Urzila explained.

“I took it a lot more seriously this year,” she said, immediately adding, “not really I didn’t take it very seriously at all but I was just happy they brought me back!”

Her time on the panel last year was spent keeping her co-stars in stitches, but this time around she came prepared with the lessons she learned from Season 2.

“I’m like okay, I gotta knuckle down, I gotta be serious here and try to get one early on… I don’t want to spoil it for everyone, it didn’t work out,” she said, laughing. There was also some interference with her fellow guessing panellists.

“I tried to be serious and then Dave Hughes shows up with a frickin moustache! I can only sort myself out so much and then he goes and changes the goal post. It’s like, dude, you can’t come in here with your 1970’s porno moustache and expect me to focus on work.”

With the show steeped in mystery, Dave, Dannii, Jackie and Urzila have their work cut out for them trying to crack the secret identities of the singers before each other. But how do you prepare for the kind of show that features a singing kebab or a giant baby?

“When you say ‘prepare’ I feel like you think you’re talking to Dannii or Jackie because that’s what they would do,” Urzila joked. “I paid for a subscription on Spotify. I thought that would be enough. I didn’t make a playlist, I just let it run by itself so that’s research, right? I listened to music.”

Last year Urzila’s guesses included the Cash Cow from Sunrise, Barnaby Joyce, and famously Tasmanian salmon.

“This year I only picked actual people, and all of them were alive so I think this year was a lot better for me guess-wise,” she said. “Not success-wise, just guessing. I’m doing better with guessing.”

Despite refining her guessing skills, Urzila still stands by her fishy guess from last year. “When you’re in the moment, your mind goes blank and at that moment I could only think of salmon!”

The biggest lesson Urzila took from last year was one of betrayal after one of her best mates, Lady Julia Morris, was revealed as one of the masks.

“I tried to eliminate everyone going in,” Urzila said, “My only worry was that it could be Nazeem [Hussain] or Julia because they’re my closest friends, my two besties, and I know that Julia is not on the show because she was on it the year before and she’s working.

“I confirmed that with her family and I had her video call me live from where she is,” Urzila said. But that proof might not mean much considering, last year when Julia was still performing as a bright pink kitten, she was often video calling Urzila coming up with alibis.

“I trust no one anymore,” Urzila said. “My friends are dirty, rotten liars.”

While she’s excited for the season to kick-off, Urzila admitted that she’s the wrong person to go to if you’re trying to get any spoilers or hints.

“I’ve got the memory of a Tasmanian salmon. To me, it’s like when you write an exam and as soon as you walk out your friend goes, ‘Ugh number seven was so hard but the answer was Winston Churchill’ and you’re like, oh f**k I wrote 45.

“It all just leaves me as soon as I walk out of there. I remember I had a lot of fun, I can’t remember any of the specifics so, good luck to them.”

As the third season approaches, all Urzila could do was tease us with the fact that “honestly, this season is f**king amazing”.

The Masked Singer Australia premieres Monday, 13 September At 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play