‘Episode One Is How I Did It’: Julia Morris’ Masked Singer Injury Meant Lying To Her Best Mate

Unmasked this week as the stunningly purr-feat Kitten, Lady Julia Morris explained the injury that ended up as her best alibi.

Performing on The Masked Singer is no joke, and Julia found that out the hard way after she tried on her Kitten costume for the first time.

Explaining to Rob Mills in her Behind the Mask interview, our queen of the jungle said she threw her back out before the show even officially began.

“I had been in training for months and on the first day of rehearsal… the costume wasn’t quite finished and they said, ‘Once you get on stage we just want to see what you’re able to do’, because it’s an unusual size.

“Well,” Julia continued, “I can show you what I can do in it. Why don’t I put my back out?”

Going straight to see her physiotherapist, Julia couldn’t explain EXACTLY how she injured herself but needed to be specific enough that the physio could treat her properly. Rather than being able to tell him that she had been wearing a 20-kilo Kitten costume, Julia stretched the truth just slightly.

“I said, ‘I have been dressed as a showgirl for some jungle promotion,’” Julia told Millsy. “It’s feathers… it’s on the shoulders. I had to try to describe to him correctly what the injury was.”

Though her injury is no laughing matter, it also became Julia’s best alibi as her best mate Urzila Carlson sat on the guessing panel, entirely certain Julia was at home recovering in a back brace.

“She and I speak a great deal,” Julia said. “She had seen me in my bed with the silly bloody brace on. We did a zoom call! She knows the physio so she knew I had seen Andy!”

Despite Urzila’s best efforts to purr-suade Hughesy, Dannii and Jackie that it couldn’t possibly be Julia, Tuesday night was a historic one as Hughesy finally got his first correct guess in two seasons of the series.

“He’ll have it over Urzila as well,” Julia joked, “He’ll be like, ‘Yeah well, apparently I know your best friend more than you do!’”

Posting on Instagram, Julia also revealed the lengths she went to to make sure to keep her involvement on the series a secret, leaving the house in a series of disguises and stunning wigs.

Check out more the behind-the-scenes goss including her daughters’ adorable reactions to the Kitten in Julia’s Behind The Mask interview in the video above.

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