An International Megastar Was Unmasked In A One-Night-Only Masked Singer Performance

The Poodle mask arrived for one night only and -- spoiler alert -- was unmasked as an international megastar!

As the grand finale of The Masked Singer Australia's fourth incredible season inches closer, we celebrated with a truly iconic international megastar arriving.

While the Poodle mask was with us for just one night, it was an absolute spectacle when that gorgeous pink pup performed not once but twice! We also received 'CCTV' footage as well as a hint from Sandra Sully with 'Clues just in' breaking news.

It was a night off for our three remaining masks, Snapdragon, Mirrorball and Rooster, as they prepare to battle it out for the win and be crowned the Masked Singer of 2022 in Sunday's grand finale.

While we've collected all the clues given for our Poodle mask, keep scrolling to find out which Hollywood megastar was unmasked at the end of the episode!


The bright pink pup stunned our panel, and in the first batch of clues, Poodle was seen in a nursery reading a bedtime story to a bodyguard, with five framed photos of dogs behind her. She then was seen standing in front of the Eiffel Tower next to a sign that pointed to Broken Hill in one direction, and Belo Horizonte in the other direction.

Poodle then was in a classroom, pointing to a series of words that were spelled incorrectly, as well as a math equation and "A Foley 1984".

In her second batch of clues, Poodle was seen leading a bodyguard on a leash draped in the state flag of Victoria. Then, holding a tray with two croissants, Poodle stood on a beach while two planes flew behind her in the sky. Once again, we saw five dogs, this time they were sitting around the Hollywood sign, where the final two 'o's were replaced with doughnuts.

Clues: Hello, I'm Poodle, I'm high class and a friend to die for. This Poodle has a story worth telling, it's not all fantasy. Everybody knows how classy poodles are. Everyone thinks Poodles are French. I guess some are... I'm not. Actually the French get under my skin. I found love on land, others find it at sea. What screening did I use to find the one? Luckily life doesn't imitate art, it could make me scream! I'm Poodle, and I come from the house of yes!

I'm Poodle, let's not dance around it. I have the best genetics and I'm a best-seller. Am I a boy or a girl poodle? Most famously, I had both names. Yes, I'm quite the artist, but that's not why I'm notorious, it is why I am mysterious. The best and the worst. Don't be scared! There's only three things I'm afraid of: motorbikes, rodents and the red planet. But I do know my place, and I love it! I'm comfortable being me, but I haven't always been a poodle. You wouldn't cry about it. Maybe I would. And I could tell you about the time I was a dog walker instead of a dog! I'm Poodle and I'm always good.

Songs: "Material Girl" by Madonna & "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane

CCTV footage: Poodle counting five stuffed dogs before taking them all away.

Clues Just In: In the latest news from academic research, Poodle has discovered the true importance of breakfast. Poodle's research claims that a good night's sleep and a hearty morning meal will not only make you healthier it can also make you wealthier. The very popular six-year study has now finished, and Poodle has now moved on to other research areas.

Guesses: Kyle Richards, Carly Rae Jepsen, Katy Perry, Emma 'Baby Spice' Bunton

Revealed to be: Tori Spelling!

Don't miss The Masked Singer Australia grand finale this Sunday 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand.