All The Clues (So Far) For The Final 4 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2021

With the Masked Singer trophy in sight, Vampire, Dolly, Kebab and Mullet are so close to taking out the top spot.

With very little separating them and the ultimate prize in masked singing competition glory, we thought we’d pull together all the clues so far for our final four.

Here’s everything we know (so far) about Kebab, Vampire, Mullet and Dolly.


Episode one:

Hello, I’m Dolly and I’m quite the young lady but underneath is a different story. Just because I am a dolly doesn’t mean I’m a toy. I’ve always aimed high, good enough is never good enough. Things have to be just so.

I don’t mind a bit of back and forth. In fact, I’m rather famous for it. Everyone expects Dolly to be a good girl. Well, I’m the type of Dolly I want to be. My dreams aren’t what they used to be. I’ve been through a change and I’m definitely off the leash. People think Dollys should be seen and not heard. Well, not this Dolly.

Episode three:

I’m Dolly – and there’s more to me than you think. I’m a Dolly…not a Dolly bird. After missing my dream in Sydney, 2004 was when I made my mark. Am I the Queen? Yes. But also the Joker. Was it my dream to be a Dolly? No, it wasn’t. But I’ve made a career of being in the right place at the right time.

The heart is unpredictable. It has its needs. But remember: tomorrow is a brand new day. I’m Dolly and let me warn you: I’m nobody’s plaything!

Episode five:

I’m the Dolly and you’re learning not to underestimate me. Dollies don’t usually have a lot to say unless you pull their string. But this Dolly will never be silenced! Dollies are meant to like pretty things like rainbows, but they just make me angry. Not that I like to make waves. Actually… I do like it!

Hmm, it’s hard to decide what sort of Dolly I should be. So many choices. That one? Or maybe this one? Which version of Dolly do you prefer?

I’m Dolly and I sound as pretty as I look!

Episode seven:

I’m Dolly and I grab everyone’s attention. Don’t accuse this Dolly of being shallow. When rejected I don’t give up I just come back stronger and brighter. Some dollies seek the limelight, not me I just do my thing and fate does the rest. It’s a Dolly’s prerogative to change her mind, even an industrious Dolly like me - that doesn’t make me a diva!

You don’t have to be fit to be a Dolly but I can’t imagine life any other way. Let’s get physical!

This Dolly has stopped playing. This is business!

Episode eight:

Am I a wise Dolly? I don’t know about that, but I know my group is. I’ve known the pleasure of diamonds my entire life. Nothing else will do. Is that how I got my peaches and cream complexion? Only my mother would know.

Nobody dreams of going back to where they started from. Well, almost nobody. Now, I’m moving forward. Where? Not A to Z because I put Z behind me. Am I hot? For a while, I was well below proper body temperature. Am I nerdy? Now you’re closer.

I’m Dolly and I’m here to play hard!

Guesses: P!nk, Layne Beachley, Ronda Rousey, Nicole Scherzinger, Meghan Trainor, Jane Seymour, Em Rusciano, Kimbra, Lisa McCune, Chrissie Swan, Missy Higgins, Ricki-Lee Coulter, Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-John, Gwen Stefani


Episode one:

I am Vampire and I am eternal. I do not fear the daylight, I embraced it and it embraced me. It fed me when I most needed it. I am the child of Vampires. Who I am runs through my blood, it always has.

But vampires age slowly. As a Vampire, I have unexpected power. I don’t wish to be unkind but do not underestimate me. Werewolves fear gold. Vampires do not. We revel in it. The heavier the better.

I am Vampire and I am forever!

Episode three:

I am Vampire, a creature others should fear. I am a modern Vampire. The old church holds no fear for me. But that does not make me a hero. Unlike most vampires, I glimpsed my future in the Daylight. I knew there would be difficulties but I should fear nothing. Vampires do not concern ourselves with the stupid things.

The nations of the earth have cheered me on. Tears have flowed too. I have not slept since my teenage years. My life is like a waking dream.

I am Vampire and no Masked Singer can stand against me!

Episode five:

I am Vampire. Tremble before me! Am I a creature of Transylvania? Close. But I have walked most of the earth. Like a grand duchess, I rule all before me. Vampires have no age. We are timeless. A lifetime is but a day. I shall never be a crone.

The nighttime belongs to Vampires. It is when we work and play. It is what I wanted, long before you ever heard my name.

I am Vampire and I shall rule tonight!

Episode seven:

I am Vampire, mystery surrounds me. Am I a killer? That is a stage I went through. But I love life in all its erratic, blood-pumping beauty. What I wear is proof of that. I was scarred by my childhood. Surrounded constantly by my dream that always seemed to slip away into the distance. I thought I wouldn’t make the cut!

Even for Vampires, it is a world for men but I have conquered that world. Being a man that no man could be.

I am Vampire and I cannot be vanquished!

Episode eight:

I am Vampire and my kind shall rule the earth. For too long, I walked between two worlds. Forever in the grey zone. I was unloved by my own but strangers took me into their hearts. It’s important to do the thing you love, without fear.

But some people just can’t stay. In my younger years, I was sustained by a craze. Now I walk alone.

For Vampires, age is just a state of mind. We can appear as old or as young as we want.

I am Vampire and I shall never die in this competition!

Guesses: Michelle Williams, Donatella Versace, Emma Watkins, Susanna Hoffs, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Amorosi, Brooke Fraser, Anastacia, Dionne Warwick, Naomi Campbell, Janet Jackson, Jessica Origliasso, Sheryl Crow, Shakira


Episode two:

Yeah I’m the Kebab and I reckon I got the lot. I never stop. I’m at it all day every day, there’s nothing else I ever wanted to be. I’m like the inner-city; quiet at times but a bit of hot sauce, I go off. A real wild one!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I get kissed by strangers! It’s the tender meat that does the trick. It’s great being the kebab and working for yourself. If you’re not the type who needs other people, hey man be cool, move on bro! I’m the Kebab and I can be spectacular!

Episode four:

I’m the Kebab and I’m totally satisfying! We kebabs have a long and proud history stretching all the way back to William the Conqueror. But me? I’m Australian as. A real beach baby. Catch you later!

Do you know why kebab vans have wheels? Because we’re always on the move. But we keep coming back to the best spot. Do you remember the first time you had a Kebab? Unforgettable, right? Is the first time always the best?

I am the Kebab – and I’m all saucy tonight!

Episode six:

Yeah, I’m the Kebab – always ready for a big night! I spilled some fat here on Tuesday.  This isn’t the first time I’ve cleaned up. A bit more. You can’t have too much bleach! Am I right?

There’s a lot of lambs for meat out there.  But don’t stick your head up…because you might lose it. Kebabs can be amazing or dreadful.  Either way, we enjoy ‘em, right?

I’m the Kebab – and I’m in for a great night!

Episode seven:

Hey, I’m Kebab! You know you like me. You know, I’ve been compared to other types of food, like I’m Australia’s answer to a hot dog. Yeah, no! I’m a Kebab! But I wasn’t always happy being a kebab, the life of a fast food can be lonely. Kebabs are a little exotic, I know I am!

You never describe me as white bread. And vanilla? Forget about it. Do you know the secret to a great kebab? It’s all about the filler. I mean filling! Lamb, beef, chicken, doesn’t matter! Anything you can find in the deli.

I’m Kebab and you’ll love every moment with me!

Episode eight:

I’m Kebab and I reckon I’m everyone’s guilty pleasure! I like to look good. Nobody likes a messy Kebab. And as a kebab, I’m pretty desirable. A certain celebrity thinks so too. Wink wink. But what happens on the kebab van, stays on the kebab van.

I shot for the moon once. Did I aim too high? I don’t think so. One taste of a Kebab and you know I’m a winner. But it’s an Aussie flavour others don’t appreciate.

I’m the Kebab, and I’m the King of late night!

Guesses: Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Jack Vidgen, Courtney Act, Kylie Minogue, RuPaul Charles, Hugh Sheridan, Billy Idol, Olly Alexander, Rebel Wilson, Marcia Hines, Sam Fischer, Leo Sayer, Phil Burton


Episode one:

I’m Mullet, just a knockabout bloke surprised to be here! I’ve spent years by the water and I’ve had my fair share of battles. Those night vision goggles belong to the army! I like the spotlight, but I’ve had more than a few sleepless nights.

My answer is to take the show on the road.

I’m not really into strict routines. I prefer to improvise. I know it’s not the way to make a big hit but beggars can’t be choosers. I’ve never really been the boss but I have been known to take your breath away. That’s official.

I’m the Mullet and I reckon I’ve got this singing thing nailed.

Episode three:

I’m just your average mullet, but I’m okay if you’re okay. As someone once told me, if you like it you better put a ring on it. Sometimes you have your eye on something shiny….but it’s not as good as you hope. No matter how far you travel, you can’t leave the real you behind. I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I’ve even taken on the Chinese! Not as a comedian, but you could call me something close.

I might be a mullet but don’t underestimate me. My intelligence isn’t artificial….and way better than 20! As a fish, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I’m the Mullet, and I’m beside myself with excitement!

Episode five:

I might be a Mullet but I’m not hard-headed like others I know. The night sky is so beautiful. But I prefer the sunshine. I love it like a sibling. I’m no superhero. Just a fish trying to eke out a living in a hostile environment. There’s no shame in that.

I was number one once, y’know. But I wasn’t wearing flannelette at the time. Mullets go in and out of fashion. But lucky for me, I’ve got more than 1 string to me bow.

I’m Mullet and I’ve got this competition hook, line and sinker!

Episode seven:

I might be just a Mullet but I’m evolving. Do I need a lighthouse? Nah, it just keeps me awake. You know, I’ve done it all from Z to A, except D, maybe I need a new agent? I had plans, they didn’t always work out. And sometimes that’s a good thing!

It’s not like I have satellite navigation. Watch out for the beach! A schoolyard game, this fish doesn’t like schools! I prefer herds. Look at that! At least it’s better than eight.

I’m the Mullet and I’m going to rock this competition!

Episode eight:

I’m a Mullet, you wouldn’t expect me to sing… but you wouldn’t expect me to teach cats to talk proper neither. I wasn’t always going to be a mullet, you know. I was growing up to be a trumpetfish. But that’s okay. I really do like a surprise. There are no walls between us here.

I’ve swum with the biggest sharks in the business. I survived. For $8 an hour plus tips. Now scatter. I’m Mullet royalty. A duke! Or maybe an ambassador. And I’m OK with that.

I’ve been putting wins in the W column since I was born, isn’t that right Hughesy?

And it’s going to be another W tonight!

Guesses: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gallagher, Mark Wahlberg, Mick Fanning, David Wenham, Eric Bana, Conor McGregor, Ronny Chieng, Axle Whitehead, Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins, Pat Cash, Shane Warne, Ben Gillies, Brendan Cowell, Samuel Johnson, Sam Worthington, Robbie Williams

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