All The Clues From The Grand Finale Of The Masked Singer 2020

After weeks of scratching our heads at the secret celebrity identities of our final three, the winner of The Masked Singer 2020 has been crowned.

Frillneck, Queen and Bushranger each made it to the Grand Finale, reunited with the other nine celebs who have one-by-one taken off their masks this season. But it was Bushranger who was crowned The Masked Singer champion for this year.

Each of our finalists performed one more time and gave our guessing panellists a few final words to mull over for one last guess before they took their masks off.

While we now know who was hiding under each of the masks this season, here are all the clues you may have missed from Monday’s finale.


Final Words: Being the Frillneck was an irresistible opportunity. It is escapism, pure and simple. The anonymity of the mask means freedom to be outrageous. It is less about me and more about my performance.

It is a long time since I performed in public and I may have overestimated my fitness level. But every moment has been a joy. The Frillneck is brash, cocky and unapologetic. He reminds me of what I was like as a young man many years ago.

Now I know Frillneck still exists somewhere deep inside me and I’m ready to unleash the Frill one more time.

It’s been wonderful to be a part of something that celebrates life, especially something that families can enjoy together as a family. If what we do helps people push through these hard times and celebrate the good times, then we’ve done something memorable.

Song: INXS – 'Devil Inside'

Guesses: Jon Stevens, Shannon Noll, Tim Minchin, Eddie Perfect

Revealed to be: Eddie Perfect


Final Words: The Queen is outrageously over the top, and I feel the same way when I am the Queen. Grandiose and a little ridiculous.

The wackiness appealed to me, it gave me permission to perform in ways I never have before. I can see elements of myself in her majesty but I think I’m softer and more gooey on the inside. I can be a nervous performer and I need time to warm up and calm down.

Now, prepare yourself for your Queen’s final entrance.

There’s a lot to escape in the world today and I feel so lucky Queen has made me feel strong, powerful and resilient. And I’ll carry a piece of her with me forever.

Song: Gloria Gaynor - 'I Will Survive'

Guesses: Tina Arena, Kate Miller-Heidke, Lorde

Revealed to be: Kate Miller-Heidke


Final Words: I knew being the Bushranger would test me but I didn’t think it would be so much fun. The Bushranger is just a magnified version of me: the country girl who rode horses, the tomboy with a little bit of sass.

I can be a perfectionist, a bit hard on myself but Bushranger has helped me relax and just enjoy the performing.

I’ve neglected my music lately and Bushranger has helped me reconnect with something I love to do. She’s encouraged me to get out and sing for the love of it.

Now it’s time for Bushranger to take one last ride.

Inside this armour, I feel fierce, bullet-proof and invincible. I feel like I can stand strong and take on the world. Whatever happens now, win or lose, I am happy. I’m a winner!

Song: David Guetta Ft. Kelly Rowland - 'When Love Takes Over'

Guesses: Bonnie Anderson, Jessica Mauboy

Revealed to be: Bonnie Anderson

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