All The Clues From Episode 9 Of The Masked Singer 2020

It’s Finals Week and on Monday night our fab final four became three, but who are the celebs hiding under the masks?

Our gorgeous guessing panel only has a handful of guesses remaining before our final masks are revealed and we find out which celebs have been singing their hearts out behind our fave masks.

Though we said farewell to Puppet, we also got some of our favourite performances yet including a group performance! Plus a truckload of new clues to dig through, including an extra hint where each mask revealed “something from the heart”. Here are all the clues from Episode 9.


Though they’ve had a love-hate relationship all season, things ended on good terms between Dannii and the eerie Puppet. Our ninth celeb to be unmasked, Puppet’s final clues included him spraying the phrase “Will the king return?” onto a wall, and referenced his move away from working nights.

Clues: My early career was in the shadows, underplayed. Then ‘pow’, all eyes were on me around the world. Now my work has a new base. I’m not shy, I can’t afford to be. But at least I’m not heading south anymore. I’ve made some big moves in my life, and there are big moves to come. I used to be a Puppet of the night, but things change and now I sing a rainbow. This Puppet will sing up something big tonight. No strings attached.

Song: Ricky Martin – 'Livin' La Vida Loca'

Something from the heart: I have never planned my career, I prefer to follow the opportunities as they occur and let them open me up to life and to new experiences. I believe that kindness in everything is my only guide.

Guesses: Tom Gleisner, Mark Holden, Simon Pryce, Anthony Warlow

Revealed to be: Simon Pryce


Standing next to a globe surrounded by clocks, Frillneck was also seen with a thought bubble that featured things like a ghost, a pair of wooden clogs, New York and some high heels. If that wasn’t random enough, he also played a spot of golf with balls that had “TIC” and “TOC” written on them. Any ideas? Because we’re stumped.

Clues: I’ve been known to put audiences in a spin. I’ve even put a few words into our Kylie’s mouth. That girl has talent. I can be a very private Frillneck. Nobody really knows what’s going on inside my head. Sometimes I don’t know what’s going on in there. Is there an ARIA in my future? I think those chances are sunk. The Aria days might be well behind me. That lady has sung already. Sometimes you have to rock out and sometimes you have to play it safe. Actually, I’m going to play it safe. I say, go big or go home.

Song: Crowded House - 'Don't Dream It's Over'

Something from the heart: I’m not afraid to make people feel uncomfortable. In fact, most of my career is based on it.

Guesses: Eddie Perfect, Shannon Noll, Jon Stevens, Tim Minchin


Once again, our Bushranger had her boxing gloves on. But she’s not all fight! Taking some time out, Bushranger also got her hands dirty with a spot of gardening - even if she was growing microphones.

Clues: You can’t tell with this mask on but I’ve been pretty since the day I was born. You might think that’s big-headed, but it’s just the way my parents saw me. But I’m tough too. From an early age, I was taught how to take the knocks and come back strong. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, especially when they have a tin lid like this. I’m a country girl at heart. At home in paddocks and barns. And I’m also at home on stage and screen. Tonight, you’re going to see how comfortable I am behind a microphone.

Song: Ariana Grande - 'One Last Time'

Something from the heart: Everything that pushes me through my day-to-day life is about my family and know that they are proud of what I am achieving here.

Guesses: Jessica Mauboy, Bonnie Anderson, Elly-May Barnes, Emma Watkins


In one moment she was holding a bouquet at the altar and the next she’s playing piggy in the middle as a footy was tossed above her crown. Queen is a woman of many talents, and confusing the guessing panel just happens to be one of them.

Clues: I am your Queen, a real Queen. It’s often a title passed down through families, but I did it my way. The sound of white has been very good to me. Where is my King? Perhaps there was a legal separation, but the wedding was something special even if it’s not forever. I have been accused of having no seriousness. Me? The Queen. I rule the whole country with fairness. Although I do prefer the metropolitan area. I am the Queen. I am independent and a master of all I survey. And I shall soon be awarded another crown, The Masked Singer.

Song: Robyn - 'Dancing On My Own'

Something from the heart: I’m obsessed with the art of storytelling and music is my medium. Stories lift me up, give me hope and make me feel less alone in the world.

Guesses: Lisa Origliasso, Greta Bradman, Missy Higgins, Kate Miller-Heidke

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