All The Clues From Episode 8 Of The Masked Singer 2020

We’re so close to the finale, and another face has been revealed, this time the celeb hiding behind the adorable Kitten was unmasked.

With Jackie, Dave, Urzila and Dannii working as hard as they can to crack the clues before the finale, things are getting tricker as they’re given even more to consider.

This week, along with their regular batch of clues, the masks revealed the name of a celebrity connection to the guessing panel and while that shed light on some identities, for others it was a celebrity-shaped spanner in the works.


Is our puppet just a very tall, slightly terrifying personal trainer? Because once again he was spotted doing an aerobics step class which continues to stump the guessing panel. Surrounded by jungle animals in one shot and being fitted for a new suit in the next, we’re honestly still no closer to working out who our mysterious, lovable Puppet is.

Clues: In a Puppet’s life, every moment is fun and upbeat. Even if it is your wish, don’t have PT on me. I have sat in judgement of others, but never been judged myself. Gee, no. I love all jungle animals. Elephants, and lions mostly and many not in the jungle too, like the kangaroo. I am suited to many roles, adaptable. A Puppet with many, many strings. I’m not afraid to play it ugly. But I don’t want to scare the children. Do the other Masked Singer’s fear me? I hope so.

Song: a-ha - 'Take On Me'

Celebrity Connection: Dame Judi Dench and I both shared the same role but my production got more standing ovations.

Guesses: Mark Holden, Dr Chris Brown, Hugh Jackman, Darren Hayes


Watching on as a bodyguard was almost beheaded, our Queen stepped in with a last-minute red card. With a few more clues relating to her wedding, and her lack of ARIAs, the guessing panel is pretty sure they’re getting closer to working out the identity under our regal royal.

Clues: As the Queen my royal duties can be demanding. I have lost count of how many times I have helped my fellow man. I might be the Queen but I couldn’t do it without help. Being a Queen gives me access to the greatest designers and stylists. Do you like my dress? I also look good in white, which I’ve worn more than once. I do love a wedding. But to be honest, I didn’t do badly in a divorce either. I was singing before I could speak. But would that be my future? With my voice, there would be no ARIAs for me. I am the Queen and I will win The Masked Singer, even if it’s my last day on Earth.

Song: Selena Gomez - 'Lose You To Love Me'

Celebrity Connection: When Jay-Z and I played the same gig, he was very persuasive but I worked that crowd just as hard.

Guesses: Kate Miller-Heidke, Lisa Origliasso, Lorde, Missy Higgins


Our eighth celeb to be unmasked, Kitten had our guessing panel clawing at each other with delight over who she could be. The question is, did you get it right?

Clues: I’m no Opera singer, but being judged for my singing voice isn’t entirely new for me. Seeing it up close is never pleasant. They say when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. Well, I like to bring people down a peg or toy with their hearts. Is that work? No. And nobody gets crabby with me. Life is good. And I know that hard work and persistence will be rewarded eventually, that’s why I’m bigger now than I’ve ever been. Except in the past. Holy moly it’s getting hot!

Song: Lesley Gore - 'You Don't Own Me'

Celebrity Connection: Rachel Griffiths and I were in competition with each other. I’m happy to say I’ve lived to tell the tale.

Guesses: Melissa McCarthy, Julia Morris, Chrissie Swan, Rebel Wilson

Revealed to be: Lady Julia Morris


Dreaming of a Logie and a pair of black heels, our Bushranger had a very angry game of checkers (relatable, it’s a very frustrating game) before flicking through a calendar full of hot rod cars, briefly stopping on the month of August. Did any of that help you? Because we’re still scratching our helmets.

Clues: I’m a dreamer. But you achieve your dreams through hard work, even if it makes you sweat. Being rewarded for hard work is justice, and not many Bushrangers talk about justice. I’m not afraid of competition, I’ll take on the world. I might never be the one but nothing ventured nothing gained. Still, you can’t win ‘em all. You just gotta take it day by day. Bushranger’s never do what you expect. Surprise is important. It takes planning, take my word. Right now, I have just one job. To stand tall and give my best. And that’s what I’m going to do.

Song: Lady A – 'Need You Now Lyrics'

Celebrity Connection: Dylan Alcott is pretty tough so it might be no surprise that he and I once went head-to-head and I came off second best.

Guesses: Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Kylie Minogue, Jessica Mauboy, Nicole Kidman


Towering over the House of Reps in Parliament House, Frillneck was surrounded by phrases like “coconut”, “no iceberg”, “duck raffle” and “tart shop”. Was he listing the ingredients to a terrible MasterChef Mystery Box? Painting a portrait of a cockatoo, Frillneck was also standing near a clock that read 16:51 and a black and white striped suit jacket.

Clues: People don’t believe what I say about myself. They think I’m telling a whopper but almost everything about me is real. Except my work, that’s as fake as anything. Kids see me for what I am. Even though others can’t see me at all. What a hoot. I’m an artist, but what kind exactly? I’m not quite sure myself but I do know that I have an active imagination. I can create entire worlds. To do what I wanted to do I had to move far away, several times. No town is big enough for what I do. Let’s see if tonight’s stage is big enough for Frillneck.

Song: Macklemore - 'Can't Hold Us'

Celebrity Connection: Jack Black and I were both fascinated with the same incredible creature but Jack’s exposure was a lot less than mine.

Guesses: Jemaine Clement, Tim Rogers, Todd McKenney, Paul McDermott

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