All The Clues From Episode 6 Of The Masked Singer 2020

A cocktail, some platform heels, a Discman and a rocking horse... are these Masked Singer clues or the makings of a really great Friday night?

Kicking off the night with a rockin’ group performance, four of our masks sang their way into our hearts but at the end of the night, our sixth celeb was unmasked.

Cactus, Wizard, Kitten and Bushranger each performed once again and, while we were sad to see him go, we finally got to find out who was under the Wizard mask!

Meanwhile, with just six celebs hiding behind their masks, a few new clues made us reconsider everything we thought we knew.

Here are all the clues from Episode 6 of The Masked Singer.


There were some very tricky clues hidden in Wizard's final intro, including an azalea that caught Jackie's eye. That, paired with 17 candles saw Jackie correctly guess another celeb's identity this season.

Song: P!nk - 'Raise Your Glass'

Clues: How I do this may seem mysterious to you. But I paid my price. At my best, nobody can hold a candle to me. I seek to go beyond what people think I can do. Life can be tough, but you can work and strive, you fight the odds. Not everything will come up roses. Despite setbacks, I remained unbroken with the help of royalty. With my arms open wide I feel I can embrace all of humanity, like you I am a child of the Earth. Our combined history making us who we are, and I shall make history again tonight.

Clue from home: A Discman

the masked singer discman isaiah firebrace

As a child, I was not allowed to listen to pop music. The very first R&B song I ever heard was on this Sony Discman.

Guesses: Troye Sivan, Nic Cester, Dean Geyer, Isaiah Firebrace

Revealed to be: Isaiah Firebrace


Once again Bushranger blew the guessing panel away with her cover of 'Be Alright'. Bushranger also revealed that an Eagles record and boxing gloves were formative gifts for her, and was she... voguing in the Vatican?

Song: Dean Lewis - 'Be Alright'

Clues: Last time on this stage I came out firing and I stole a heart. Although I’m all wrapped up in metal, Christmas is my favourite time of the year. And those magical Christmas songs. It’s the present that gave me my future. You have to follow your dreams, but do it in your own way. It helps if you have a good role model to follow around. It’s hard work getting people all over the country to hand over their money. But working hard gives me a buzz. Now I know that whoever we pretend to be, we can only be ourselves and forget the criticism. As Madonna said - “express yourself”. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Clue from home: A rocking horse

the masked singer bushranger rocking horse

This is my childhood rocking horse. I’m passing this horse onto my children to continue my happy memories.

Guesses: Memphis Kelly, Jessica Mauboy, Kylie Minogue, Lauryn Eagle


Our sassy succulent was in fine form with her absolutely show-stopping take on the Divinyls classic. Seen in a kitchen with a drill, an oil can, and an apron that proclaimed women are banned, Cactus also attempted to take the blood pressure of a bodyguard. Should that be Dr Cactus?

Song: Divinyls - 'I Touch Myself'

Clues: I’ve been cooking up plans for my life since I was very young. It’s been tough, I won’t lie. Not everyone has enjoyed what I’ve served up in the past. To tell you the truth, I never liked dishing it out. I just come back and try harder. I do my best work at night. Even things usually done at other times of the day. It helps in this business if you have a medical degree. In fact, I could have used some medical assistance myself at times. Thank goodness it didn’t come to that. I’m in the pink now. Most Cactuses are good on their own, not me. I’m at my best with others around me. But tonight, I’m going solo and not for the first time, it could get ugly.

Clue from home:  Platform shoes

the masked singer cactus shoes marathon

I once ran a cross country race wearing these Spice Girl platform shoes instead of running shoes.

Guesses: Julia Morris, Poh Ling Yeow, Ella Hooper, Jane Seymour


The battle between Hughesy and Urzila over custody of Kitten continues, but the clues didn't seem to help much - with Urzila sticking to her guess of Susan Boyle for the third week in a row. Seen browsing a real estate website and proudly walking down a catwalk starkers, our Kitten gave us a lot to think about.

Song: Blondie - 'One Way Or Another'

Clues: What breed of cat am I? There’s a bit of everything, I guess. But even this tiny Kitten has taken out some high flyers in the past. This Kitten has claws. But I’m no keyboard warrior. In fact I’m quite genteel online. If it wasn’t for this costume, I would feel totally exposed and it wouldn’t be for the first time. Let’s just say I’m not afraid to get it out there. I have a vision and I’m always looking for opportunities. You just never know where you’ll find them. Is the spotlight on me? Good. Because this Kitty is ready to roar.

Clue from home: A cocktail

kitten masked singer clues cocktail

It was in the presence of drinks like this that I overcame my shyness in front of groups.

Guesses: Rachel Griffiths, Georgie Parker, Susan Boyle, Rebel Wilson

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