All The Clues From Episode 5 Of The Masked Singer 2020

What do a Puppet wearing lederhosen and a Queen folding towels have in common? No really, we need answers.

This week, four of our remaining masks stepped things up and created even more mystery around their secret celebrity identities as they brought in clues from home. But these clues may have only brought on more headaches for our guessing panel.

We finally saw the unmasking of our stunning Dragonfly, which was a definite surprise to Jackie O, that’s for sure, and with just seven masks remaining it’s getting tougher to try and pick who’s behind the mask.

Here are all the clues from Episode 5 of The Masked Singer Australia.


Yep, one of the guessing panel’s BFF’s made the bold choice to not only don one of our most striking masks but also made a cheeky crank call backstage to throw them off the scent. Here were the final clues for Dragonfly.

Clues: I’ve survived 3 rounds of The Masked Singer, the longest I’ve stayed in one place for ages. I actually washed cars for a living in a very classy way of course, and it’s not my only experience with taps. Dragonflies can be found on every continent except Antarctica and that’s because I don’t like to cover up. And the idea of snow all around scares me. I was the ugly duckling as a child and pretended to be the world’s most beautiful woman. Now I’ve done my time being told what to do and I’ve learnt my trade well. All I have to do is avoid the spider’s webs. Could I win The Masked Singer? I think so, and that would be just ducky.

Song: Ke$ha - 'TiK ToK'

Clue from home: Army uniform

All The Clues From Episode 5 Of The Masked Singer 2020 dragonfly sophie monk

This is my army issue fatigues, although I did have it altered to fit more tightly.

Guesses: Sophie Monk, Courtney Act, Delta Goodrem, Kylie Minogue

Revealed to be: Sophie Monk


Queen once again showed off her vocal chops, and also gave us a little more insight to where she came from. Seen folding towels and standing in front of a photo of Neil Armstrong, Queen also brought in a diary that was written in French.

Clues: One wasn’t always a Queen. But it is a real title, awarded by the good folk of this country who have supported me repeatedly. Achieving that is not a fly by night operation or even 12 nights. As befitting a Queen my first professional performance was for Britain, I took the applause not knowing if I could make it last but it just didn’t feel like home. I knew I needed to look elsewhere for fulfilment. Do people find me funny? In other words, do I have nil seriousness? I will not have it. I am the Queen. I’m not just one of the crowd and I intend to stand out tonight.

Song: Marilyn Monroe - 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend'

Clue from home: Diary written in French

all the clues masked singer episode 5 queen diary

These are the very first love letters I ever received and a reminder of an important time in my life.

Guesses: Tina Arena, Ellen DeGeneres, Nicky Whelan, Lucy Durack


Never failing to get a rise out of the guessing panel, Frillneck pared things back this week with a hauntingly beautiful performance of 'Mad World'. Another thing that will be haunting us for days to come is the Kalimba Frillneck says he played for Nelson Mandela and why his bodyguards were seen dancing in clogs.

Clues: What you don’t know about me would fill a book. Maybe I’ll write that book. I love to tell an Australian story, or maybe not. What I do is very diverse. Some of it would scare your socks off. It’s hair-raising. But I don’t want you to think of me as some kind of monster, I just believe that when you’re in the middle you need to go big or go home. Most of my life I’ve worked with others, but sometimes you have to go out on your own before the horned lady sings. Well, there’s no horns tonight, just frills and it’s my turn to sing.

Song: Gary Jules - 'Mad World'

Clue from home: A kalimba

All The Clues From Episode 5 Of The Masked Singer 2020 dragonfly sophie monk kalimba frillneck

I played this kalimba for Nelson Mandela.

Guesses: Tim Minchin, David Campbell, Paul McDermott, Desmond Tutu


He may creep Dannii out, but we have to admit Puppet never fails to slay a performance week after week. We also got a bit of a hint at Puppet’s sleeping patterns as he made reference to “waking up” around a bunch of alarm clocks ringing at 5 o’clock.

Clues: I have a deep love for what I do, the best bit is interacting with the public. I get even more out of it than they do. Of course, I do it all on my terms. I don’t follow anyone. I have many strings to my bow, but I find that four are usually enough. I like the tropical heat. In fact, the sun has no visible effect on me at all. No sunburn for me. I’ve been many things in my life, morphing from one thing to another - some quite ugly. I hope the other Masked Singers never wake up, that the Puppet is stalking them.

Song: Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee - 'Despacito'

Clue from home: Lederhosen

all the clues masked singer episode 5 puppet lederhosen

These are the lederhosen I wore for one of my most widely known performances.

Guesses: Red Symons, Andrew O'Keefe, Kyle Sandilands, David Hasselhoff

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