All The Clues From Episode 4 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2023

Two more masks went head-to-head in a duel, and we got another shocking reveal!

Our fourth celebrity was unmasked after another brilliant battle, but had you cracked Bluebottle's identity before she took off the mask?

Another week of iconic performances from four more masks means we also got another handful of clues to help us get closer to figuring out who remains hidden behind their masks. Are the guessing panel getting any closer, or do you think you've figured it all out?

Here are all the clues from Episode 4 of The Masked Singer Australia.


The beautifully regal Snow Fox once again blew the guessing panel away with her vocal chops, but when it comes to her true identity are they hot… or cold? In this set of clues, Snow Fox spoke a lot about her home and we saw a quick glimpse of a gingerbread house. She was also seen waving the Swedish flag, which led the panel to believe perhaps this could be a Nordic Snow Fox. What do you think?

CLUES: My first song, the panel’s guesses were as cold as ice. That performance was addictive and I can’t wait to take the stage tonight.

Living somewhere this beautiful is a dream, home sweet home. You know, I’ve been through intense training. This is so much nicer. Of course, not all Snow Foxes are migratory but I’ve had more than one home. I didn’t build them myself, that would be ridiculous. Actually, I think God built this one. I’m known for my good works, but my mother spent her life with very different works. You do what you can.

SONG: 2 Be Loved - Lizzo 

GUESSES: Lana Del Rey, Becky G, Tina Arena, Robyn


There were tons of surfing-related hints in Tiny’s clues once again, but is this massive monster just trying to throw us off the scent? In the clues, we saw Tiny in black and white like an old horror movie, and he was also standing next to what looked like a discarded fur coat, that a giant rat seemed to jump out of.

CLUES: Last time, the guesses could have been a total wipeout, I was walking on sunshine but I’m ready for a monster act this evening.

People say that I look scary. Really? You don’t like the way I look? Well that’s just swell. So look at my house, well let me tell you I’m miles from where I started. I won’t sugarcoat it, this is nothing like my first home, that was just a billabong. Look at that rubbish, it’s screaming, ‘pick me up!’ Imagine if we all threw our rubbish on the ground. I know it’s hard to love a monster like me, I would be a very long time waiting, wouldn’t I? Maybe I should admit defeat. I won’t do that, because there’s always hope. The sun will shine again!

SONG: God Only Knows - The Beach Boys 

GUESSES: Bernard Fanning, Ben Harper, Matt Corby, Kelly Slater


Bluebottle really has us scratching our heads, and the panel were just as stumped when it came to her clues this week. As she spoke about being handy with a machine, Bluebottle gestured towards a potted plant, and when she made a reference to going ‘pop’ she was surrounded by disco balls. While Mel B is certain this could be one of her Spice sisters, what are the clues telling you?

CLUES: When I performed last time the guesses had some sting. I loved singing that song, but I am ready to wrap myself around tonight.

Since I was young, my work is where my heart belongs. Not that you can tell by looking at me but I’m pretty handy with a machine. You might not know this, but Bluebottles also work by night, that’s why we have lights all around, all the time. To help us through the night. But I don’t like being stepped on and going ‘pop’. It’s really not the sound I like.

SONG: Call Me - Blondie

GUESSES: Gladys Knight, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Emma Bunton, Florence Welch


The guessing panel have bounced a few ideas around when it comes to this massive marsupial's secret identity, do you think you've worked it out? In this batch of clues, we saw standing next to a bodyguard reading a tourism pamphlet about Memphis, Tennessee. Did you Tennes-see anything we missed?

CLUES: Last time I leapt into gear and kept the panellists on their toes. Now, I’m ready to bounce back. Watch me give this competition a real kick! 

This Bouncer gets around, in fact, you can find roos like me from the forest to the lakes. Even the city of angels! Or at this bowlo. Hey, it’s better than working in a hotel. Let me tell ya, it’s not natural to sleepwalk through life so don’t even think about holding me up. To do what I do you’ve got to be tough, let me give you a demo! As things keep changing, you’ve got to stay relevant. That’s life. I believe in doing things the right way. That’s how this big boomer was raised.

SONG: You're the Voice - John Farnham

GUESSES: Sam Fischer, someone from New Kids On The Block, JC Chasez, a miscellaneous Jonas Brother

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