All The Clues From Episode 10 Of The Masked Singer 2020

We’re days away from crowning our next Masked Singer champion, with just three masks remaining.

Queen, Bushranger and Frillneck have sung, danced and done their best to confuse the guessing panel for as long as they can and with the grand finale within mask’s reach, it won’t be long until each of them will have to Take. It. Off!

But before our final three reveal their identities, we got a glimpse behind the curtain and some interviews with the other masks from this season. Plus, we got a handful of clues for our final three just in case you wanted a few more hints before you lock in your final guesses.

Here’s what we learned in Episode 10.


I am your Queen. I am not afraid of death. In fact, it exposed me to a new world. It is part of something that has made me unique. Showbiz is tough, fame is fleeting. You could say it’s hair today, gone tomorrow. Or maybe not. Do I like talk shows? Yes and no. One revealed my deepest, darkest secret and I felt cornered.

Now your Queen stands before you with just two challenges to defeat. Off with their heads!


Where am I from? A Frillneck is Aussie as. But my name tells you something else and the clogs put a spring in my step. My interests are unusual, I’m a huge fan of the eighth wonder of the world and 1930’s skyscrapers. I love to create new things, I want them to be without error. My performances on The Masked Singer have been faultless. It’s the name of the game.

Now there is just one more hurdle: to win The Masked Singer.


In The Masked Singer, I rose to every challenge. I’ve stood tall and stood my ground, dressed for the fight. Although I do prefer the leather look. We’re raised tough where I come from, and not afraid to think outside the squared circle, that’s why you’ll learn I don’t give up.

Am I a Kelly? No way, but I could have been. My decision wasn’t based on being a minor, but it did create quite the buzz and I’m creating even more buzz as a Masked Singer.

Watch The Masked Singer Grand Finale on Monday, September 14 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play