All The Clues From Episode 1 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2022

Season 4 has officially kicked off, with a brand-new panel and a whole new cast of incredible masks.

On Sunday night we were introduced to Blowfly, Mirrorball, Zombie, Thong and Knight as we learned a few cryptic clues and saw them all perform their hearts out. It was clear this crop of super secret celebs have the talent, but who is hiding behind the mask?

We’ve collected all the clues, as well as a few handy hints we saw along the way from the premiere of The Masked Singer Australia 2022. Think you know who’s hiding behind the mask?

Dust off your magnifying glasses, here are all the clues you might have missed:


Our very first celeb flew onto the stage and immediately put the panel on the edge of their seats. Seen playing cricket in front of a mob of kangaroos, Blowfly also showed off their sprinting ability, doing a dash between two chequered flags that each had the number 10 on it. Later, Blowfly looked to be delivering a pizza to a doctor, but when they opened the box they revealed a single yabby that exploded into a massive fireball. But the pizza motif continued when Blowfly stood outside a pizzeria advertising German sausage pizza as the special of the day.

Clues: I’m Blowfly, you know there’s flys like me all over the world but I’m Aussie as. There’s nothing I like more than cruising in a big V8, or maybe a high-five. Blowflies know the highs and the lows. Those days of innocence are behind me and now I am the possessor of much wisdom. For a Blowfly, I don’t take crap from no one and that’s why I’ll win The Masked Singer.

Song: “Midnight Sky” by Miley Cyrus

Guesses: Freddie Flintoff, Daniel Ricciardo, Charli Robinson, Stevie Nicks


The fantastic Mirrorball knows how to turn any room into a party, and her ability to hit some incredible notes blew the judges away. In her clues, Mirrorball was cracking out some classic disco dance moves. She stood proudly between a Mexican flag and a flag with the number 48 on it, but a fireball saw the 48 turn to ashes, while the bodyguard holding the first flag had a thought bubble that said “That’s hot!” Mirrorball also reclined behind a piano that had two framed photos on top of it, one of John Travolta and the other of Uma Thurman.

Clues: I’m Mirrorball, I was born to do what I do and my parents knew it. But when the spotlight’s not on me, I don’t react. I’m proud and determined, close to grand in fact. Even when everything turns to ashes I go on unharmed. When you’re in the spotlight you can be grilled by total strangers, that’s something you can bank on. I am the Mirrorball and now is my time to shine.

Panel question: What was the significance of the framed photos of John Travolta and Uma Thurman?

Answer: I’m no stranger to the screen, big and small, where every day is a good time, that’s where you will find Mirrorball.

Song: “Xanadu” by Olivia Newton-John

Guesses: Chloe Lattanzi, Samantha Jade, Kyle Richards, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus


The panel were dying for this drop-dead gorgeous Zombie, an undead air hostess used to hanging out in plane hangers. Zombie’s clues saw her walking down the aisle of a plane handing out green apples and a potato before the screen was flooded with orange slices. As Zombie denied being wicked, a witch flew past the screen on a broom. Then a pink wand appeared while a Bodyguard dressed as your typical opera singer wearing a horned helmet, but Zombie didn’t seem to appreciate the singing all that much.

Clues: I’m Zombie and my performances will live forever. I used to feel entitled but I’m not as green as I used to be… or as orange. Would you care for a baked potato? I’m a Zombie, I’m not wicked but I’m not magical either. I was once upon a time. I’m Zombie and I’d rather die than lose The Masked Singer.

Song: “Sweet but Psycho” by Ava Max

Guesses: Idina Menzel, Heidi Klum, Janine Allis, Kate Ritchie


Our favourite footwear was kicking up her heels as she took to the stage for the first time. During her clue package, Thong made reference to her ‘overseas background’ while a red Vespa scooter drove across the screen. Thong was then seen being viewed by a bodyguard through a telescope, standing in the clouds in front of an ancient statue. At the beach, Thong was offered a ‘Not Beer’ by a bodyguard wearing an eyepatch, while another revealed a cloche of three rats. Finally, Thong was seen being worshipped by two bodyguards as a halo crowned the stunning shoe.

Clues: I’m the Thong, I’m familiar, I’m comfortable and an Aussie icon with a background overseas. However, I’m better known for my work with M&M. I love a barbie, and I also like a banquet… not at this beach though. I hope it’s fish! I really love fish. Is a humble thong worthy of admiration? I think so and that’s why I’ll win The Masked Singer!

Song: “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins

Guesses: Stephanie Gilmore, Bindi Irwin, Dido, Khanh Ong


The panel really lost their heads for Knight when he performed, but before he sang his heart out, we saw Knight standing in a meadow at night as a star with the number one shining down on him while a plane carrying a RAAF banner flew past. Knight also handed a bodyguard wearing a bride’s veil a bouquet of roses. He also stood in front of framed photos of a sprinter and an eyeball, before a bodyguard brought on a PVC pipe and a clock reading 23:06.

Clues: I am the Knight, the closest that Australia has to true royalty. I am a Knight but I prefer the evening. To get where I am I had to fight my way through, travel to true respect. This is my trusty steed, far happier to see me now than in the past. I like it more than horseless carriages. Easy there lightning, I have other plans. I wouldn’t say I was unforgettable but I am more often forgotten than not. Still, the good people of Switzerland almost sent me flowers, golden ones, but I prefer deep purple. I am the Knight but I shall be the little king of Masked Singer.

Panel Question: Did the PVC pipe hint at winning a renovation show?

Answer: I can tell you this much, there have been improvements in my career but my work was never around the house.

Song: “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran

Guesses: David Hasselhoff, Nick Cummins, Shannon Noll, Brendan Fevola

The Masked Singer Australia airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand.