About the Show


We really are the lucky country.

On Friday May 15th at 7:30pm on Channel Ten, The Project team are putting together a one-hour special showcasing all Australia has to offer.

The Love Australia Project will feature high-profile celebs and everyday Aussies, from Tassie to the Top End. We will take you for a ride in our own backyard and unpack how the pandemic is affecting tourism, and what we can look forward to when we can finally move more than 50km from home.

Some of the stories covered will include:

  • What we love about Australia in the first place
  • What the tourism industry means to the nation
  • As a nation of foodies, do we even remember out food and wine culture
  • Bushfires and now Covid-19, how is the environment coping?
  • How the Arts have suffered as a result of the lockdown
  • Where do celebs and everyday Aussies rank as their favourite places around the county

In a time when the world has had to shut its borders, let’s celebrate the island we are stuck on, it truly is a fantastic place.