Scott Tweedie Interview

From weeding Bernard Fanning's garden to chatting about surfing, find out all there is to know about The Loop's new host Scott Tweedie.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

That’d have to be Phoenix at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. I’ve seen them twice now and flew to Sydney from interstate both times but the Enmore gig was just so awesome. I love the venue it’s really intimate and they were just pumping it out, it was sick. My second best gig would be Powderfinger during the Vulture Street tour at the River stage which is an open air theatre in front of like 12,000 people. The first gig I went to was there as well. It was Jack Johnson and Ben Harper; we were in the front row and nearly got mauled to death. We rocked up like 13 hours before the show and there was no one there till two hours before. But it was still pretty good.

What are your top five songs?

Matt Corby – Brother, M83 – Midnight City, Jay-Z & Kanye - Why I love you, Feet – Mr Hudson, Cat Call – Satellites.

How about favourite band?

That’s a big question, it says a lot about a person. It has to be someone you can put on for years and years and it always makes you happy. I guess that’d be someone like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, probably Phoenix as well and maybe Two Door Cinema Club. You kind of get an idea of what I like through those three bands.

What’s the best thing about hosting The Loop?

Getting to live a life just full of music. Not many people get to do that ... and free concert tickets.

When you’re not talking music on The Loop what are you up to?

Hanging out with mates and surfing. Ash thinks I’m going to teach her how to surf but she’s dreaming. I’m a selfish surfer. I bring mates out with me and then abandon them and leave them in bad scenarios, then giggle. I’ve been surfing about 7 years now but I can’t teach.

Tell us a story.

I used to work in Bernard Fanning’s garden pulling out weeds with my mate who’s his nephew. Bernard’s a nice guy, he looks serious in interviews and stuff but he’s a great dude. He’s got an awesome house but for how famous and well off he is it’s super modest. I don’t think he ever paid us though. Maybe he gave us tickets or something.

Where are you from Scott Tweedie?


Have you always had a passion for music?

No, it really just happened when I left school and started going to gigs. I’ve still got a long way to go with my love for music. But I’ve my whole life to keep learning about and discovering music.

What type of band do you want to be in?

I reckon electro rock. It’d be good to have synths and a keyboard player but you also want to rock out with guitars and drums. I’d probably be the singer, I love being in the spotlight. If I had the talent I’d be a singer but having been kicked out of as many karaoke places as I have I’m pretty certain I’m a rubbish singer.